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For all those of you who can't get enough of Last FM comes a group where you can talk about your addiction and find a solution to get rid of it. Or Not.

As we all know, you probably...

Last FM Detox: The only place where doctors are sicker than patients

The Director: kotsa200

Secretary-General: Attic

Llauren84 - SLC4
VampyreAngel - SLC3

Head Nurse:
Moomo - SLC2

And we succeed without even trying.

Message to potential new members: if you don't plan on joining the forum threads, don't bother.

We're not an elitist group but here's a thing or two about joigning this group:

- We'd like to welcome mostly ACTIVE members so if you have no intention of playing along with us or if you have joined 200+ groups but never post in any of them, don't bother.

- No need to join if you signed up to last week or two days ago. Give yourself the time to be hooked before joining a "detox".

- No artists or genres dissin' is allowed. There's no account for tastes. Respect that. Seriously.

- If, after joining, you haven't post anything in this group, Dr. Attic will have the pleasure of pulling the plug of the oxygen supply in your room (don't tempt her, she just luuuv to do that!).

- Last but really not least, please read rules of every game before playing any of them!

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