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Hasta la victoria siempre!

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  • merthurisgay


    11 Oca 13:11 Yanıtla
  • William_Douglas

    Avante proletários rumo à destruição da maldita classe burguesa! Implantaremos a Republica Socialista Brasileira, direitistas de merda!

    1 Eki 2013 Yanıtla
  • Lord-Surreal

    Socialists have good taste in music, holy shit

    12 Şub 2013 Yanıtla
  • vaselinefriend

    Free Mp3s of the political freak folk variety.Dig it.

    17 Tem 2012 Yanıtla
  • Davunderground

    Yeah, I forgot that not everyone is a burocratic authoritarian...;)

    1 Mar 2012 Yanıtla
  • Davunderground

    From my marxist-leninist socialist point of view and what I get from the conclusion. is that the essay talks about a socialism which unique purpose is establishing a socialist state from a capitalist one. Not a socialism which is just the necessary step to pass on to communism. If you remove that, the essay agrres with my thoughts.

    25 Şub 2012 Yanıtla
  • Davunderground

    " Very good article. " You serious?

    21 Şub 2012 Yanıtla
  • jose_992

    sup comrades

    27 Oca 2012 Yanıtla
  • gendervariant

    How are my fellow US comrades actively fighting against NDAA Section 1031/1032 and SOPA before it becomes law? I'm personally severely disturbed that no one has taken action yet.

    24 Ara 2011 Yanıtla
  • gendervariant

    Read and Sign please

    24 Ara 2011 Yanıtla

    Happy Holidays to everyone and have a fantastic New Year (2012)

    23 Ara 2011 Yanıtla
  • JoelBeer

    "As with the Christian religion, the worst advertisements for Socialism is its adherents." A viewpoint which has seldom changed throughout history.

    15 Ara 2011 Yanıtla
  • Insurrectionism

    No war but class war.

    27 Eki 2011 Yanıtla
  • MrAngrim

    Comrades, be more active!

    26 Eyl 2011 Yanıtla
  • Empatocles

    heyho everyone, here is the new member from the country where the prime minister sang the Marseillaise when he should have sang our national anthem :p ..

    15 Haz 2011 Yanıtla
  • GeronkoMan

    May the whole world be socialist by the end of the 21. century.

    1 May 2011 Yanıtla
  • Same_Regan

    If only non-violent revolution could actually work, I would support it.

    6 Nis 2011 Yanıtla
  • stupidstuff

    ::waving Hi back to kitty:: It will take someone line Bernie Sanders to get my vote in the next presidential election - or any election for that matter. I'm not going to vote for any Dem lite from this point on... the best thing about the current push by the Republicans (Wisc, Ohio etc trying to wipe out the unions) is that it has caused a lot of people on the opposite side to wake up. And once you step back from the Rep-Dem divide there really is a difference... well all this, clytie_hizashi, is to say I signed the petition.

    4 Mar 2011 Yanıtla
  • stupidstuff

    One more thing about the use of violence: I don't consider the overthrow capitalism by violent revolution to be more a continuation of the system than an ending of it. The system is one of power forcing compliance, and it includes the former USSR invading Czech, and Germany invading Poland, and the USAs dirty little wars and so on... I believe the solution is to turn your back on it rather than attempt to emulate it (even if it is in "the people's" name.)

    19 Şub 2011 Yanıtla
  • stupidstuff

    I am anti-Marxist in that Marxists tend to rely on violent revolution. From a very sketchy understanding of Marx I'll say that I think he's right on a lot of things - the guy even mentioned (or at least referenced) in the Manifesto how capitalism would outproduce a communist society! His solution seemed to require a domino effect in that all capitalist societies had to be overthrown in relatively short order (hence, I suppose, the crutch of advocating violence). I haven;t heard of the diggers...kibbutz I'll think of as something resembling a hippie commune (yes?) and if so then yes that's the sort of approach I'm attracted to. Of course, gracchvs, when he returns, can correct my misconceptions regarding those things Marxists believe in... and I'm willing to admit ignorance when it's the case!

    19 Şub 2011 Yanıtla
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