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  • jessyrocker

    Big Fan Here

    Pazar öğleden sonra
  • sandrarichm

    Love it

    geçen hafta
  • Furik

    V fuck. you're right.

    geçen ay
  • super-pangolin

    Wake The Dead came out just over a decade ago. Feel old.

    Şubat 2015
  • BlackieDammett

    Here you guys can find an unreleased track of the Wake The Dead era as well as a very dirty demo of Talk is Cheap :)

    Şubat 2015
  • wegotdome

    Similar artists is jacked up.

    Şubat 2015
  • Crimson_Kai

    ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

    Şubat 2015
  • wahyutwidianto

    cool band

    Ocak 2015
  • limonad_limonad


    Kasım 2014
  • andressa_df

    aiaiaiaiaiai <3

    Ekim 2014
  • Zombienation333

    I know I'm late, but I'm taking a listen to their last album. This is without any doubt their most hardcore release, I'm fucking loving it at first listen. Can't wait to see them live again in a few weeks.

    Eylül 2014
  • Rocolocosch

    great live show

    Ağustos 2014
  • Goofy_8am

    Love them very much.

    Ağustos 2014
  • thiago_japa

    Tá na hora do Scott fazer uma visita pro CbK.

    Temmuz 2014
  • Dan-75

    i wrote this. i think the production lets it down a bit, but musically awesome.

    Haziran 2014
  • darkpassenger-

    One of the few bands that I'll probably never grow tired of. Every album is great.

    Haziran 2014
  • Xodorovq Check this Siberian Hardcore!

    Mayıs 2014
  • thestingingrain

    Die Knowing was the first release that took me some time to get into. It has grown on me and I appreciate the in your face hardcore style. I just wasn't expecting it, seeing as they are so amazing at writing those melodic riffs. But the passion and emotion is still found in the lyrics and music, so that's what keeps this band going strong, and THAT is the foundation of CBK in my opinion.

    Nisan 2014
  • roadkillfacepnt


    Nisan 2014
  • awesomestrikes

    Thank you for Saarbrucken it was fucking amazing!

    Nisan 2014


    Nisan 2014
  • iScream1ceCream

    за симптомы + лекарства готов любить их вечно

    Mart 2014
  • Coolbutlame

    They've never been as straight-forward hardcore as they are in the new album. Symptoms + Cures and Wake the Dead are still better, but this new one slides pretty close to those two.

    Mart 2014
  • RocknReel

    Die Knowing review:

    Mart 2014
  • nirvanamannequi

    The site I write for did an Album versus feature on Comeback Kid: Die Knowing vs Wake the Dead. Check it out!

    Mart 2014
  • thompsonjohn

    Really love the more in your face punk approach on this new album. Only downfall is that it took a good 4 years to write and release, taking touring and the live album release into consideration. Hopefully the next album isn't another 4 years away.

    Mart 2014
  • Bogatzke


    Mart 2014
  • gazelmazel

    new album is amazing...great work :)

    Mart 2014
  • b_kopp

    really enjoy the new album, not as much as Symptoms. the Scott Wade guest spot is a tease.

    Mart 2014
  • BornaNG


    Mart 2014
  • thepunchline

    awesomeness !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mart 2014
  • knight_88

    I'm really digging the new album!

    Mart 2014
  • ricardohrr

    comeback kid é um absurdo, melhor banda de hardcore que já pisou nesse planeta

    Mart 2014
  • bloody-origami

    new album brings back the MOSH [3]

    Mart 2014
  • Dambix108

    Album is great, can't wait to see them live in Ljubljana next month!

    Mart 2014
  • gabif_

    I expected more for the new album. :(

    Mart 2014
  • sparta62

    New album is so disappointing...nothing new whatsoever...the last two albums were so much more creative....

    Mart 2014
  • horiiz0ns

    new picture uploaded:

    Mart 2014
  • GwydionB

    Absolutely gonna buy this one !

    Mart 2014
  • NextOfKim

    new album brings back the MOSH [2]

    Mart 2014
  • I_hate_fat

    Какие-то блядь байкеры в клипах, сами клипы на вево, шо за хуйня, вроде когда-то норм банда была.

    Şubat 2014
  • BornInSodom_

    Amazing album!

    Şubat 2014
  • Bogatzke

    new album brings back the MOSH

    Şubat 2014
  • jokerburn

    Andrew Neufeld sucks! Want to have Scott Wade back!

    Şubat 2014
  • padavanGreg

    Yes, I am serious, I don't like those two songs. I really don't and I have listened to that album for seventeenth now.

    Şubat 2014
  • joseburnsred

    New album is good no surprise there, CBK always delivers!

    Şubat 2014

    New one is definitely good. Not better than the first 2, but better than the last 2 before this by a long shot. Definitely a good listen. I don't care for the intro track, or final track, but everything in between is good.

    Şubat 2014
  • Yelonas

    padavanGreg, are you fucking kidding me? Didn't Even Mind is the best track from the new record

    Şubat 2014
  • Schander

    New album = horrid.

    Şubat 2014
  • padavanGreg

    9/10 (Unconditional and Didn't even mind sucks, rest bombs)

    Şubat 2014