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Dick Dale



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  • Finnegannon

    What a tale.

    11 Ağu 22:00 Yanıtla
  • KimZakula44

    and didn't have the money to initiate civil court proceedings. I'm guessing that Dick Dale did and still does have the finances and ability to help us; BUT HE NEVER DID NOR NEVER HAS! Nor did he ever humbly apologize or even empathize with our being duped by his friend Lisa Rodriguez! How could he ignore that my sons were on the streets because his friend fraudulently (as he claims) used his name to rob people. HE HIMSELF IS A PARENT!! There is just one more thing that i would like to say. I did not only agree to this deal merely on Lisa's word alone, I don't know who is lying, Dick Dale or Lisa Rodriguez! I, on the other-hand, am telling the truth and I have both Dick Dales and Lisa Rodriguez's emails to this day.

    17 Tem 00:47 Yanıtla
  • KimZakula44

    to talk to her and ask her to pay me back, he only coldly told me that he did not have any business deal with her and warned me to stay away from him. I had (and still have) every email from Lisa stating these Dick Dale plans and the copies of the bank transfers of the money from me to her. Also, emails of her asking other people for money for the Dick Dale project as well. With this evidence I couldn't understand why he was distant and angry toward me. If she was lying about the whole thing as he claimed, why wouldn't he (1) Stop her from using his name to steal money (2) Thank me for letting him know that his celebrity status was being fraudulently used (3) Be gracious and help me get my money back? His responses of anger toward me didn't make sense. Even if she wouldn't agree with him to pay my money back, he could have took her to court for fraudulently using his name. But he wouldn't. My sons and I did not even have a place to live except from door to door on peoples couches and

    17 Tem 00:45 Yanıtla
  • KimZakula44

    This is how I know surf guitar artist Dick Dale!! A girl he was lightly dating but more of a friend to him (Lisa Rodriguez from Radiornr and her mother Patricia Scannell) stole $30,000 from me because Lisa said that she had a contract with him to redo his website in order to generate an income and make the website more interactive with Dick Dale digital guitar lessons and music downloads, etc. She assured me that Dick Dale had given her full authority to make this happen and I was promised 15% of the profits. I emailed Dick Dale at and asked him IF THIS WAS TRUE and when this project would be done and open..his response back to me was " don't know yet.............d." Well, no new Dick Dale website ever appeared! Dishearteningly, as a result of this theft, my 4 sons and I went homeless over loosing that money and, my older sons had to quit High school to get jobs! When I informed Dick Dale of this and our situation and politely asked him (and lightly pleaded with him)

    17 Tem 00:42 Yanıtla
  • AnastyCn


    18 May 17:36 Yanıtla
  • SergiouSSan

    9 Şub 12:35 Yanıtla
  • SergiouSSan

    на самом деле это Dick Dale, настоящее имя Ричард Энтони Монсур! И сие надо было отметить в заглавии,ибо есть Dick Dale так же гитарист и певец,и из США.

    9 Şub 12:34 Yanıtla
  • HaHaHaYoureDead

    величайший мастер гитары, у него сам хендрикс учился кстати, чувак люто бешено ненавидел битлз

    8 Şub 06:45 Yanıtla
  • JeremyAce4


    30 Kas 2013 Yanıtla
  • Slim_rafa


    7 Kas 2013 Yanıtla
  • engmostafaeldam

    king of surf rock

    20 Eki 2013 Yanıtla
  • Nihil227

    Listen to the king of the surf guitar!

    15 Eyl 2013 Yanıtla
  • Kadeshi_Moon

    Snake Plissken rides a Tsunami (с)

    18 Ağu 2013 Yanıtla
  • Panecea

    Saw Dick Dale tonight, my ears will be ringing for days!!!! Hellava show! Unforgettable ♥♥♥♥

    22 Nis 2013 Yanıtla
  • drphilman

    Dick Dale interview:

    17 Nis 2013 Yanıtla
  • miserloudd

    Unknown Territory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2 Şub 2013 Yanıtla
  • JestemZPolski

    Misirlou <3 [2]

    23 Oca 2013 Yanıtla
  • AlarmClock12

    Errybudy put day hands in day air WOOP WOOP lets have it for DICK DALE

    3 Eyl 2012 Yanıtla
  • AlarmClock12

    Happy 420 everybody :P XD

    3 Eyl 2012 Yanıtla
  • AlarmClock12

    Legend. Absolute legend.

    3 Eyl 2012 Yanıtla
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