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Lacuna Coil



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  • 731.750


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Lacuna Coil 1994 yılında gitarist ve söz yazarı Marco Coti Zelati ile o zamanlar Sleep Of Right grubunda olan Andrea Ferro tarafından Milan’da kuruldu. Yeni elemanların katılmasıyla birlikte gitarda Marco ve Raffaele Zagaria, bassta Andrea, davulda da Michelangelo olarak yollarına devam ettiler. Grup ilk canlı performansını 1994 te Bologna, İtalya’da gerçekleştirdi ve ardından 1995’te Bleeding Souls’u kaydetti.

Marco’nun bassa geçmesiyle birlikte Andrea’ya da vokallere yoğunlaşması için vakit kalmış oldu. Kariyerlerinde çok önemli bir adım atmak üzereydiler, ikinci gitar için Claudio Leo, davullar içinse Leonardo Forti ile anlaştılar ve grupta bir de bayan vokal olmasına karar verip Cristina Scabbia’ya teklif götürdüler.

Cristina’nın da gruba katılmasıyla birlikte isimlerini Ethereal olarak değiştirdiler ve Mayıs 1996 da Shallow End ve Frozen Feeling isimlerinde 2 şarkılık bir demo hazırlayıp bazı plak şirketlerine gönderdiler. Nuclear Blast ve Century Media’dan teklif aldılar ama Century Mediada karar kıldılar. Albüm kayıtlarına başlayacakları sırada Ethereal isminin Yunanlı bir grup tarafından kullanıldığını ögrendiler ve isimlerini Lacuna Coil olarak değiştirdiler. Grubun kadrosuysa Cristina Scabbia, Andrea Ferro, Marco Coti-Zelati, Claudio Leo, Raffaele Zagaria, ve Leonardo Forti olarak kesinleşmişti.

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  • makariiina

    New album is sexy as hell. Zombies is a monster of a track.

    21 Nis 01:06 Yanıtla
  • Luan080

    About the discussion: Songs like Die & Rise would be better without Cris's voice in chorus and singing in italian. sue me now. LOL -HAHA, you guys are taking this too serious LOL

    20 Nis 21:29 Yanıtla
  • fabricioscabbia

    Can't understand why a LC fan couldn't like Andrea. He's the metal voice of the band. If it was only Cristina they wouldn't sound heavy. Andrea does his part very well. Who doesn't like that should go listen to pop music.

    19 Nis 23:21 Yanıtla
  • agoniasenzafine

    PS. I told you it makes no sense to continue with this shit, didn't I? You can always find someone other to argue with, it just pisses me off.

    19 Nis 19:20 Yanıtla
  • agoniasenzafine

    Well, I guess we don't understand each other. Cristina is the face of the band, the leading vocalist, a really talented and a good-looking woman after all, it would be surprising if she didn't get all that love. But Andi is the grounder of the band, there would be no Lacuna at all, if it wasn't about him and Maki. Do you realise what I'm trying to tell you? There's a goddamn difference between the opinions like 'I can't really get into Andi's voice, but he tries so hard and it gets better, so I'll just shh' and 'Ferro can't fucking sing, he should be kicked out of the band, he spoiled all the songs, Lacuna would be much better without him'. You have read his interviews, right? He says he doesn't give a shit when one hates him, but it's obvious he's hurt just because nobody would fucking like being hated. To me being a fan of the BAND, not of the one only member, still means accepting each of its members. No hating at least.

    19 Nis 19:20 Yanıtla
  • guilhermecu

    I think you don't understand what I'm talking about. The fact that less people dislikes Andi is something NATURAL on the LC world. In a example, Cristina's page on facebook has more than 364.000 likes, and Andi's hasn't even 17.000. So you're saying that only the people who liked both pages should be called hardcore LC fans 'cause they like Cris AND Andi? lololol

    18 Nis 23:49 Yanıtla
  • agoniasenzafine

    I said they shouldn't call themselves fans (hardcore Lacuna fans, if you want so), not that they ARE NO fans. They may be Cristina fans, Maki fans, Maus fans, call it whatever you want. And no, I won't keep my thoughts to myself unless others stop hating on Andrea. Sorry, if it sounds rude to you, but I'm still not offending anyone. Anyway, it makes no sence to discuss it. Neither you'll persuade me nor I will change your mind. And I don't really wanna start a massive fight, so just stop and I'll do the same.

    18 Nis 13:55 Yanıtla
  • guilhermecu

    By the way, I love Andi, I just don't like judgmental people.

    18 Nis 08:51 Yanıtla
  • guilhermecu

    I'm so tired of the annoying fans of LC whose says that other fans aren't ''real'' fans as they because they disagree on something about the band, mostly about Andrea. Keep that dumb comments to yourself instead keep saying infantile things like ''if you don't like Andrea you aren't a LC fan" .

    18 Nis 08:50 Yanıtla
  • R_Victor

    End of Time <3

    18 Nis 04:43 Yanıtla
  • breadysoul

    I'm not even sure what's supposed to be wrong with Andrea. Sure, I'm not going to be writing home about how he's, like, totally the greatest vocalist evar!!!, but he's not unpleasant to listen to. Not to me, at least. So I'm curious as to what specifically is wrong with him because people act like he's the worst vocalist that has ever existed. I do agree with the sentiment expressed below: Lacuna Coil wouldn't be Lacuna Coil without him.

    17 Nis 23:59 Yanıtla
  • spikedylacid

    I like the new album. However, it's basically Dark Adrenaline B-sides, although not bad, it's simply not all that interesting.

    17 Nis 23:48 Yanıtla
  • agoniasenzafine

    @ guilhermecu Sorry, what? I haven't written anything that would give you reasons to say smth like that. And even if I did, you still could just disagree instead of offending me.

    17 Nis 14:03 Yanıtla
  • guilhermecu

    @agoniasenzafine bitch, shut the fck up

    17 Nis 07:07 Yanıtla
  • agoniasenzafine

    other people: we love Lacuna Coil the way they are. other people: Andrea should shut up and get kicked out of the band. @ No offence, I just really don't get it how can you claim to be a Coiler after that. Andi's voice is specific and he actually has got problems with it singing live, but it doesn't make him a worse person, an awful vocalist after all. Without his parts Lacuna would be just an ordinary female fronted band and would never make me stop by. I DO love them the way they are, I DO like Andi's voice, I DO accept their new style although I miss their oldschool stuff as well, after all (even after Pizza and Criz had retired) I'm still their fan and it's not gonna change. And I'm not blaming anyone when Andrea's voice is not one's taste. Just don't say you love the band unless you don't accept all its members.

    16 Nis 20:17 Yanıtla
  • MetalRock1989

    Good new album 4/5.

    16 Nis 12:15 Yanıtla
  • parampampammm

    Good new album

    15 Nis 16:25 Yanıtla
  • Puffnstuff

    I stopped by to say that I absolutely love Lacuna Coil. I'm not going to rank their albums because I can find something on all of them to love. I only wish that Cristina would do all of the singing and they'd just duct tape Andrea's mouth shut and turn off his mike.

    15 Nis 10:24 Yanıtla
  • breadysoul

    Shallow Life (So shoot me. I don't despise alternative metal) > Lacuna Coil > Unleashed Memories > Karmacode > In a Reverie > Dark Adrenaline > Broken Crown Halo > Comalies > Halflife

    11 Nis 11:57 Yanıtla
  • PatrickMLima

    Zombies <3

    10 Nis 21:44 Yanıtla
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