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Perfume Genius



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  • AFMLopes

    waiting for it to leak

    23 Ağu 13:39 Yanıtla
  • jildeore

    dark shoegaze

    17 Ağu 19:56 Yanıtla
  • Funky-Shit-

    No problem <3

    14 Ağu 15:08 Yanıtla
  • Charmander0

    queen is a fantastic single, really looking forward to the album.

    12 Ağu 09:28 Yanıtla
  • middlethoughts


    9 Ağu 22:25 Yanıtla
  • musicboxie

    finally met and saw him perform last friday. and it both comforted and tore me apart. and i just... just can't. like he's the most beautiful being in this universe. bless your soul, mike hadreas.

    6 Ağu 11:31 Yanıtla
  • musiikkionelo

    To the person saying this is MOR, are u actually fucking serious?, what an empty concept of music you have man, i'm sorry for you. Did u listen the same song and watch the same video? hmmmmm some people.

    3 Ağu 21:47 Yanıtla
  • musiikkionelo

    Queen is oustanding. On first listen I thought it was just good, but then oh my god it's so amazing.

    3 Ağu 21:37 Yanıtla
  • RainyWoods

    Sunheadbowed we've heard just one song from the latest record. I don't know if you've heard either of his previous two releases but I think it would certainly be unfair to label them as middle of the road, especially his debut. "Learning" is one of the most sincere things i've listened to. It might not have pushed any boundaries per se but it was an achingly beautiful collection of little songs recorded at home. I remember I really wasn't well at the time that record came into my life. I'd put it on and stare out the window for hours, lost in it's ambiance. It was a great help to me.

    2 Ağu 12:25 Yanıtla
  • sunheadbowed

    I'm truly intrigued as to how someone can make such MOR music in 2014 and yet think they're pushing artistic boundaries.

    2 Ağu 01:45 Yanıtla
  • spacesoldierr

    Absolutely gorgeous!

    28 Tem 23:15 Yanıtla
  • YanShlyakov

    how is "put your back n 2 it" not in the top 15?

    25 Tem 08:37 Yanıtla
  • Monsieur_Fetish

    VOTE UP! QUEEN promo

    23 Tem 15:00 Yanıtla
  • lacrethina


    23 Tem 10:52 Yanıtla
  • duduspy


    22 Tem 17:31 Yanıtla
  • Kyonil

    Новьё хорошее, ждём альбом.

    21 Tem 18:19 Yanıtla
  • sssurfin

    queen's just unbelievable

    19 Tem 13:45 Yanıtla
  • Funky-Shit-

    Can't wait for the new fuckin album <3 (5)

    19 Tem 01:46 Yanıtla
  • RainyWoods

    Gosh, that was quick. I've gone from thinking the new song was "good" to the best thing ever... and the video, oh my goodness. Heels on the table, too good!! Mike's truly beautiful inside and out. "Queen" still feels like a Perfume Genius song despite the droning guitar and the fuller, brighter sound. It feels a natural change of direction. The prospect of Mike's (what we think of as) fragile voice at the forefront, powerful and annoyed is a tasty one. Mike said that this anger has been inside of him for all these years. I suppose you can't just lament forever. It's good to let out some of the venom stored within. I've got so much rage inside of me as well that has built up over the years, so I can't wait to let it out with the help of these songs which i'm pretty sure i'll be able to relate to. It's certainly going to be a difficult couple of months waiting for this record to release.

    18 Tem 00:25 Yanıtla
  • Rigaderchi

    New single is insanely good. Fresh and unique.

    17 Tem 08:40 Yanıtla
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