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Passionate vocals. Gnashing guitars. A potent message.

These are the elements that make Red — both live and on their mighty debut, End of Silence—one of the most buzzed about bands to crash through the Christian rock world in recent memory.

“We’re passionate about our live show, but sometimes we get a little too excited,” says bassist Randy Armstrong. He’s just stating the facts. Or more to the point, the injury report. Head contusions. Emergency rooms. Stitches. And that was just their last tour. “Anthony swung his guitar around his body and smashed it into Michael’s head causing the guitar to break and Michael to get seven stitches.”

It’s more than just good theater, though. There’s conviction fueling the onstage bonfire, an inferno that burns brightly on the band’s first proper album. “We’re intent on connecting with the crowd,” Armstrong explains. “We’re there for them. They’re not there for us.” One might disagree. After all, over 21,000 MySpace “friends” in just over a year online speak to a devoted following of fans. One that should only grow with the release of End of Silence.

It’s a long way from their days growing up in Pennsylvania playing to area youth groups, performing popular contemporary Christian music covers. “We were pretty sure we were breaking copyright laws,” says Randy Armstrong with a bit of a laugh. “It was fun. But for me personally, you grow out of pop music. I mean, you always like it, but something about somebody screaming in your face gets people pumped up and makes them want to listen. Something about that edge makes you feel a certain way.”


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