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The Antlers


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  • colderskin

    again, important to remember those are two entirely different beasts, and what stands out within each is completely different than that of the other. This is a very good band.

    21 Tem 17:37 Yanıtla
  • colderskin

    man idk what you guys are talking about. Familiars might give Hospice a run for it's money. It's incredible.

    21 Tem 17:36 Yanıtla
  • brbname

    Just got back from seeing these guys live, absolutely fantastic performance by them. They only ended up saying 6 words at the end but that's all they needed to say.

    12 Tem 07:21 Yanıtla
  • EdgeLike

    it has grown on me a lot. a really loungey type of sound that im starting to appreciate.

    11 Tem 00:56 Yanıtla
  • Najlaa_23

    @idiotsdream i suggest you try the whole new album especially those tracks (Palace/ Director/Surrender)

    9 Tem 16:44 Yanıtla
  • Seperat0r

    I fucking adore Familiars, but I also have that purist ideal in that I want a repeat of Hospice. I've never been so conflicted on an album.

    8 Tem 05:24 Yanıtla
  • ShipDestroyer

    7 Tem 10:53 Yanıtla
  • fentoooozler

    I just got the album art for Attic of the Universe and Burst Apart framed. Still not liking Familiars, too much horn section, lack of distinction between a lot of the songs. In the past when Peter wrote songs they all had some resilience and fight in thems, aside from the end of Director this shits just kind of complacent. Maybe it'll grow on me

    6 Tem 07:46 Yanıtla
  • colderskin

    idiotsdream: try Director

    1 Tem 03:54 Yanıtla
  • vincentcoia

    Not going to lie, their new album genuinely surprised me. Exceptionally beautiful instrumentation that adds layers to every song.

    29 Haz 20:45 Yanıtla
  • idiotsdream

    Have they made any songs as good as or as better than Drift Dive?

    27 Haz 19:07 Yanıtla
  • east_west

    review of the new album here:

    27 Haz 18:18 Yanıtla
  • ZootX

    new album really excels at creating mood and atmosphere, makes up for lack of melodic catchiness and variety

    26 Haz 12:52 Yanıtla
  • Najlaa_23

    new album is simply spectacular

    24 Haz 23:23 Yanıtla
  • DM09

    probably my favourite album of theirs so far.

    24 Haz 06:57 Yanıtla
  • jonnylion

    I like their new album so much more than appears to be quite a divisive album

    24 Haz 02:54 Yanıtla
  • zerointegrity

    sorry but familiars is a let down

    24 Haz 01:14 Yanıtla
  • anticlimactica

    Familiars is excellent. Upon my first listen, there wasn't a single song that didn't make me notice it. Lovely stuff.

    24 Haz 00:21 Yanıtla
  • 9Nails

    Fantastic album. Way better than expected.

    20 Haz 23:50 Yanıtla
  • bkelleher

    New album is everything you could ask for as an Antlers fan, really. Love on first listen for me.

    20 Haz 22:32 Yanıtla
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