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The Away Days


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“The sublime shoegaze riffage of ‘Your Colour’ yearns for the days of Ride and Slowdive, but still sounds like a product of 2014”
-NME Magazine

“Turkish shoegaze might not be a major phenomenon, but given the breadth of their talent, it soon could be.”
-The Guardian

“New cut ‘Your Colour’ matches a blissful, soaring sonic sweep to songwriting with a real dynamism. It’s this dichotomy of the physical with the cerebral, the chilled out with the searingly intense which powers The Away Days, taking them away from that well-worn shoegaze sound and into an area very much their own.”


‘’The Away Days project a shimmering, head-swaying spell with lax energy, punchy drums, and lead singer Oguz Can Ozen’s affected, distant vocals.’‘

‘’The dream-pop band is bringing back 2006 Brooklyn by way of Istanbul.’‘

After being formed in 2012 their success didn’t go unnoticed and they performed at dozens of live shows including The Newcomers Festival, where they were pointed out as a promising young act. They played at SXSW, The Great Escape and toured UK in May.

They have released their debut EP ”How Did It All Start” late 2012 and keep performing at the most important music venues. They have released their first music video song called Galaxies.
and also released their first single ‘’Your Colour’’ in June 2014 premiered by Clash Magazine and released their second single ‘’Paris’’ premiered by SPIN Magazine.


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