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The Gaslight Anthem



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The Gaslight Anthem is an American punk rock band from New Brunswick, New Jersey, formed in 2006. The band consists of Brian Fallon (lead vocals, guitar), Alex Rosamilia (guitar, backing vocals), Alex Levine (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Benny Horowitz (drums, percussion).
The Gaslight Anthem released their debut album, Sink or Swim, on XOXO Records in May 2007, and their second album, The ‘59 Sound, on SideOneDummy Records in August 2008. The band’s third album, American Slang, was released on June 15, 2010. Their fourth album, Handwritten, was released on July 24, 2012, on Mercury Records.


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  • harddancing

    Yup have to admit that as hoped, Get Hurt has massively grown on me over the past week

    dün öğleden sonra Yanıtla
  • eighty-five

    I'm glad this album is not that boring as "Handwritten"

    Dün 14:52 Yanıtla
  • theblackjay

    @John__Lemon: Bitchfork can't even really be considered journalism anymore.

    Dün 02:36 Yanıtla
  • theblackjay

    Break Your Heart is like The National Anthem Part II.

    Dün 02:29 Yanıtla
  • John__Lemon

    Well ptichfork gained my vote for worst musical journalism of all time. This record is really good. I've never listened to them before but I'm a big fan of this record

    Dün 00:46 Yanıtla
  • Lost_Souls_UK

    I've come back from the brink; after abandoning them for the drop in quality of '59 Sound' (I know, I know) then being indifferent to American Slang and hating 'Handwritten'. I now think 'Get Hurt' is one of their best, up there with the first two, and I'm trawling through their entire back catalogue and loving it all. Next is 'Handwritten'; and I'm looking forward to it.

    19 Ağu 22:18 Yanıtla
  • BeNgEE4

    I love alot of songs on the new album and am almost indifferent to others. Not as good as Handwritten IMO but it's a 8 out of 10 and Handwritten is a 10/10. Favorite tracks: Helter Skeleton ( So different, so funky, so cool) Break your heart, Stay Vicious (Something different which is nice) Have Mercy, title track just makes it to notable mentions. The aforementioned list is in order too!

    19 Ağu 06:41 Yanıtla
  • theblackjay

    @borgy; second only to Arcade Fire fans still lamenting every new album's apparent lack of depth in comparison to Funeral.

    19 Ağu 01:43 Yanıtla
  • theblackjay

    New record has some really good tracks. Get Hurt is probably my favorite but Selected Poems through Dark Places is just sublime.

    19 Ağu 01:42 Yanıtla
  • pow8

    i'm in love with the new album

    17 Ağu 16:56 Yanıtla
  • pr0wnage420

    Selected Poems is the best song on the album IMO. Mama's Boys (Bonus Track) is sweet too.

    17 Ağu 00:20 Yanıtla
  • st3vie

    I like the new record, maybe it's not my favorite (but time will tell), but still awesome in it's own way. Can't understand people who say that this sounds NOT like TGA, musicans or bands evolve, but they still got their trademarks. Regardless of whether i accept the opinion of people who don't like that record, it's still a matter of taste. Just a opinion from an open minded music listener. ;-)

    16 Ağu 14:46 Yanıtla
  • borgy

    Gaslight Anthem have the worst fan base in the world. the 59 Sound came out 3 albums ago. Get over it. Even seeing them live last year, fools were begging them to play more old tracks.... when they're touring to promote 'Handwritten'. Stick to listening to the 59 sound if you're that close minded, cause you're the boring ones, never changing and revolving in a circle.

    16 Ağu 03:56 Yanıtla
  • harddancing

    Seriously hoping the new album is a grower because I'm not too impressed thus far

    15 Ağu 14:51 Yanıtla
  • RachelApathetic

    Helter Skeleton is amazing, Break Your Heart, Dark Places, Get Hurt and Rollin' and Tumblin' are half decent. The rest are all boring as fuck. Most disappointing Gaslight record to date.

    15 Ağu 09:44 Yanıtla
  • johannez1

    Listening to the '59 Sound for the first time in years, feels like regaining a lost friend after a long absence, I wish they hadn't turned out the way they did, if they had kept making records like that one, and American Slang, I'd probably never have forgotten about them. Oh, and I guess seeing them live, acting like some boring stadium rock clichés, when previous times they'd been the most humble people ever, really made me stop loving them as I used to, too. I mean, I'm aware that no one here gives a fuck, but I'm talking about one of my former absolute favourite bands. Oh well. Revisiting the '59 Sound is just making me quite emotional, and I wish that crap excuse of an album that is called Get Hurt didn't exist. Hm. Oh, if anyone read all the way here: sorry, but I can't give you a refund on your time if it was wasted.

    13 Ağu 21:14 Yanıtla
  • Oleg289

    Also, I'm listening to the Soundcheck version of Underneath the Ground, it's amazing!

    13 Ağu 17:16 Yanıtla
  • viniciuskoch

    The new album is so boring.

    13 Ağu 15:43 Yanıtla
  • mdickinson35

    wrote about get hurt a bit here

    13 Ağu 11:09 Yanıtla
  • charliekilo22

    I can see where Brian was coming from now with his comments in the past about this being like their "No Code". Sounds new and kind of different, but also the same. Would've preferred they'd stuck with Brendan O'Brien as producer though.

    13 Ağu 01:14 Yanıtla
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