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The Word Alive


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The Word Alive is an American metalcore band from Phoenix, Arizona. Formed in 2008, their debut EP Empire was released via Fearless Records on July 21, 2009, which reached #15 on the Top Heatseekers and was met with a high amount of positive acclaim. The following year, the group released their debut full-length album, Deceiver on August 31, 2010, which reached #97 on the Billboard 200 and #15 on Independent Albums. The Word Alive has gained renown praise for their innovative style of modern metalcore; blending thrash, groove, alternative and ambient elements into their overall style.

Formation (2008-2009)

The Word Alive was founded in 2008 by Craig Mabbitt (lead vocals) with Zack Hansen (guitar) and Tony Pizzuti (guitar) who were former members of the bands Calling of Syrens and Clouds Take Shape. As a side-project of Mabbit during his part in Escape the Fate, the remaining required members he recruited to start The Word Alive were chosen to be Nick Urlacher (bass), Dusty Riach (keyboard) and Tony Aguilera (drums). The group recorded songs with the intention of releasing them as an EP, despite that it never surfaced. Later on, the band was forced to leave Mabbit due to their dissatisfaction of Escape the Fate’s schedules of which Mabbit would be required for.

The day after, Mabbitt posted a blog to his fans via his Myspace account explaining that leaving the band was not his decision and that «they pretty much replaced me while I was on the road due to the fact that they wanted to tour and couldn’t until I was available, I started that band with those guys and I’m very hurt at how they replaced me while I was touring.


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  • rage_bitch

    Реал реально заебись, сколько прошлые работы не переслушивал не сравнимо

    8 Ara 05:03 Yanıtla
  • casthefirstone

    1 Kas 09:58 Yanıtla
  • RiasPure

    Real is definitely a grower. I didn't care for it too much at first but I'm starting to go back to it more frequently. It's not as instantaneous as Deceiver or even Life Cycles was but I like a lot of the songs. Never Forget is a pretty solid jam in particular

    13 Eki 17:16 Yanıtla
  • AntonioFuck

    Знатные пиздаболы. Когда отменяли тур весной, говорили что просто переносят и осенью полюбас приедут.

    13 Eki 11:59 Yanıtla
  • TMNTfan-

    Just ordered my copy of 'Real'. Can't wait to have a listen :D Only £4.99 from Amazon too! Oh, and this is my first post/shout! Helloooo everybody!

    12 Eyl 11:26 Yanıtla
  • vlad2208

    light house <3

    23 Ağu 18:24 Yanıtla
  • HerFadingSmile

    new album doesn't work for me

    11 Ağu 06:24 Yanıtla
  • iPowers

    The new album is really good. There are some really epic songs here and there are a few that are different from what they usually do, but in a good way. Definitely wouldn't be named as best album of 2014. Craig Mabbitt's new album with his new band The Dead Rabbitts is much much better.

    5 Ağu 13:47 Yanıtla
  • xH8UALLx

    New album is alright. Nothing special. [2] 'Lighthouse' is catchy, though. loved it.

    29 Tem 18:59 Yanıtla
  • AndreyLeto

    New album is fucking amazing!!!

    10 Tem 17:48 Yanıtla
  • PastSanctuary

    well the new album is sonically decent, but the lyrics for Play the Victim are completely laughable and a good way to alienate a large part of your fanbase

    4 Tem 18:02 Yanıtla
  • RocknReel

    Real review:

    30 Haz 13:54 Yanıtla
  • TDcore

    Sorry, but Real is freaking horrendous. Laughable lyrics, uninspired music. Piece of crap album.

    26 Haz 22:36 Yanıtla
  • o8949

    Awesome band.

    26 Haz 06:44 Yanıtla

    New album is alright. Nothing special.

    19 Haz 12:41 Yanıtla
  • HerFadingSmile

    the european and itunes bonus tracks are out... "Pull Us Out Of The Grave" and "Exit Strategy"

    17 Haz 22:46 Yanıtla
  • bobo9390

    I like new CG. It reminds me of a heavier version of what Eighteen Visions were doing on their final two albums. Not that namedropping 18V is even going to ring a bell with too many people nowadays.

    15 Haz 21:56 Yanıtla
  • wortex

    New album is really good. Not better than Life Cycles, but it has some really strong songs like Play The Victim, Never Forget, Your Mirage etc. Haters gonna hate, but this is seriously some step forward. If you want failure, look at the new things from Chelsea Grin...

    14 Haz 09:10 Yanıtla
  • bobo9390

    New album isn't bad at all. I was never a huge fan of this band, but they've never released anything I didn't at least enjoy.

    12 Haz 19:56 Yanıtla
  • vlad2208

    очень порадовал альбом.для меня он лучший у них

    11 Haz 16:57 Yanıtla
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