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Zola Jesus



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  • sexinthesky2

    "Dangerous Days" is different to the previous Zola's stuff but I like it a lot anyway and I'm excited for "Taiga"! :)

    Dün 22:01 Yanıtla
  • NoktowizoR

    It took me to understand that Dangerous Days is a great song. I can't wait fot full album and tour!!!

    15 Tem 22:23 Yanıtla
  • solenanthus so beautiful

    15 Tem 16:58 Yanıtla
  • MarcusLMosnter

    Meh, she just admitted that she is trying to be a pop-diva on a interview for V Magazine

    3 Tem 16:57 Yanıtla
  • solenanthus

    It's "Taiga" not "Tundra" everybody

    3 Tem 03:00 Yanıtla
  • Nekrovoor

    Even for a lead-single, it's unimpressive, that kind of song that would never draw my attention if it wasn't Zola Jesus. I really hope that it will sound better on the full-length context.

    30 Haz 22:59 Yanıtla
  • VCR-11

    I think it's a bit of a grower actually.

    26 Haz 18:41 Yanıtla
  • music-o-maniac

    Yeah, same here. Not impressed with the single, it's okay, but! the promo clip of TAIGA has some amazing music in there and I think "Dangerous Days" is the most "popish" song on the album, the rest probably will be better. All in all, even though I'm not impressed with this one, I still like it, though I hope she'll deliver something a little bit darker, at least a song or two.

    26 Haz 17:42 Yanıtla
  • Zeldeiro

    Kida sad that all the lo-fi bands are becoming clean and electro-pop. The same happened with Var and Lust for Youth, and the three artists are from the same lable: Sacred Bones Records. Well, not anymore, now that Zola Jesus is on Mute

    26 Haz 05:36 Yanıtla
  • CookiePolice

    don't forget that Dangerous Days serves as the first song from the album and chosen as promo single probably is the catchiest from the album. the more pop-oriented and polished sound is not suprising though as Nika herself has shown by that Rihanna cover or her admiration for Britney Spears that she's not reluctant to go that way. also, I don't think the album will be full of songs like Dangerous Days. I'm excited anyways.

    25 Haz 09:55 Yanıtla
  • MarcusLMosnter

    Yeah, I guess it lacks some character/personality, her others songs have always striked me with it overwhelming emotion, like a powerful force of nature... The new one sounds like a tamed tornado

    25 Haz 02:35 Yanıtla
  • arsikiller

    Marcus i feel you. i was so excited after the teaser (well, i still have hope tundra will be great), and dangerous days is nowhere near what i expected. unfortunately. i don't know, to me it's just lacking character, and i wouldn't ever say that about any of her previous releases. it's that kind of disappointment i got after lykkes new lp. meh.

    24 Haz 22:32 Yanıtla
  • Pukkkk

    I always knew she was going towards popular music. A duet with lady gaygay would be nice... ;) Well, I think it's maybe time for me to leave... But: Let's wait till Tundra and see. ;)

    24 Haz 16:54 Yanıtla
  • GagaZaynLover

    I'm a new fan and she's releasing a new album yay

    24 Haz 14:56 Yanıtla
  • colorful0

    who is this "everybody" that everybody talks about?

    24 Haz 13:05 Yanıtla
  • itshayden

    everybody says there's going to be an R&B track on their album

    24 Haz 10:17 Yanıtla
  • Ciaoty

    There's going to be an R&B track on the album... oÔ

    24 Haz 09:15 Yanıtla
  • MarcusLMosnter

    No problems! Haha anyway, I love all Zola's releases and she is truly an artist who produces and writes her own stuff and as I said is hard-working and has the passion for music, artists always has to try new things, and I'm totally up for it! (heck, my favorite band is Goldfrapp) but the new song didn't click for me, maybe my expectations were too high, i don't know... But as I said before, I don't discredit Zola for this release, I'm sure she worked hard on it and put her emotions in it, as with her other releases! I just don't like it , but I'm sure lots of people are liking it and will like it, hope she gets a bigger audience and all the success she deserves with the new album

    24 Haz 01:26 Yanıtla
  • aaaimon

    Oh, okay. then i misunderstood you. I thought you compared the two, yet you talked down about 'Dangerous Days". So i didnt get why you talked down on a song that resembled iam, when you infact like iam. Sorry for that! :) We all have different taste. It was weird for me to hear something so different, but at the same time it was expected concidering the release of Versions. Its a new direction, but if you look back at New Amsterdam (my all time favourite) and The Spoils, Stridulum (I & II) and Conatus (count side releases too if you will), they all are completely different from eachother. What i LOVE about Nika, is that you never know what comes next, cause she loves what she does, she loves exploring music. This is who she is as an artist, and this is who she always has been. If people want a "artist" who releases the same album each year with different lyrics and generic beats they didnt even produce themselves and just pointed out on, people are barking at the wrong tree here. :)

    24 Haz 00:51 Yanıtla
  • MarcusLMosnter

    I just used that example of iam's because the Taiga trailer ressembled me of it, I didn't meant that I want Zola's to go full iamamiwhoami or something like that... Anyway, I'm still not able to enjoy Zola's new song as I was able with her previous work, it feels for me kinda too much produced, too glossy, I listened to it a couple of times (though only 1 time scrobbled) and my opinion didn't change, so... And for the record, I would never want to an artist that I listen to go full-another-artist-I-listen-to, though I liked Iam I don't want Zola to make songs that sound completely like her, I like different artists for different reasons! Anyway, enough. I already stated my opinion, Dangerous Days - for me, it's a bad song, so what? i'm still waiting for Taiga and I hope it'll please me more than this song

    24 Haz 00:30 Yanıtla
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