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Mis-TeeqHow Does It Feel Dün 21:42
Kelis22nd Century Dün 21:42
XscapeAll About Me Dün 21:42
Mis-TeeqRoll On Dün 21:42
KelisJerk Ribs 21 Nis 18:55
SWVRight Here 21 Nis 18:55
Faith EvansAlone in this world 21 Nis 18:55
Lil' MoL's Up 21 Nis 18:55
ShareefaThey Gon Learn 21 Nis 18:55
KelisBossy (Explicit) (Feat. Too $hort) 21 Nis 18:54
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  • DeusEluh

    Schau jetzt den VM-Film! :D

    9 Nis 19:54 Yanıtla
  • DeusEluh

    Die sollen endlich mal machen!

    11 Oca 11:05 Yanıtla
  • DeusEluh

    Jaaa. Kam irgendwie aus dem Nichts. Freut mich, dass sie zurück ist. Hast du schon den Album-Trailer von Sophie gesehn? Hört sich sehr interessant an. Wohl weniger Dance als sonst.

    18 Kas 2013 Yanıtla
  • DeusEluh

    Alles gut bei mir. Und bei dir so? :) Hast schon mal von FKA twigs gehört? Ihre Musik ist in etwa eine Mischung aus Björk und Sade, jedenfalls ist das die logischste Beschreibung die mir in den Sinn kommt, haha.

    16 Kas 2013 Yanıtla
  • Katharina_Music vllt gefällt dir das auch

    30 Eki 2013 Yanıtla
  • kiwimaria

    is this still relevant about the goldfrapp album? i can send you the link for the archive, ok?

    30 Tem 2013 Yanıtla

    "Lay Down In Swimming Pools" ist der absolute Hammer. Und danke, aber ich werde die Sidebar mal wieder ändern. Ich kann's nicht mehr sehen. ;)

    29 Tem 2013 Yanıtla
  • kiwimaria

    you have to listen to the blessed unrest! also, have you seen this? so adorable, and i like the music i hear, thinking about buying a cd maybe

    24 Tem 2013 Yanıtla
  • DeusEluh

    Die News zum VM-Film hab ich bisher nicht verfolgt, aber gestern hab ich diesen Clip mit den ersten Szenen gesehn. Wird bestimmt cool. :)

    21 Tem 2013 Yanıtla

    Nunja. Ich habe den Titel "Album des Jahres" schon im März an David Bowie vergeben, aber wenn Siobhan das MKS-Album künstlerisch so beeinflusst, wie ich es hoffe und erwarte, wird den drei Schnepfen der zweite Platz wohl sicher sein. ;)

    18 Tem 2013 Yanıtla
  • DeusEluh

    Wow, haha. :D Wie toll Siobhan auf deinem Bild aussieht. <3

    17 Tem 2013 Yanıtla
  • DeusEluh

    Wie weit bist du denn?

    17 Tem 2013 Yanıtla
  • kiwimaria

    amazing, this song! i haven't watched one tree hill, although i've got familiar with some of the girls who started out due to this show. i guess kate voegele is one of them. it very much looks like my kind of show, i have no idea how i missed it :D thanks for that, i'll keep in mind to start it. she looks so different here though! yesterday i've been on a festival where la roux was a headliner, do you like them? such a professional band, jesus, i liked it so much. and are you going to listen to sara's new cd? i haven't yet, i'm waiting for my cd to arrive, although the world is crazy after the streaming of the whole album. i wanted to know your opinion if you're going to listen as well :)

    15 Tem 2013 Yanıtla

    Ha! Danke. Ja, du hast schon seit längerem als Siobhan-Verfechter Nr.1 einen Platz in meinem Herzen. Ich warte sehnlichst auf das "Mutya Keisha Siobhan"-Album.

    14 Tem 2013 Yanıtla
  • DeusEluh

    Once More With Feeling? "Under Your Spell". <3

    14 Tem 2013 Yanıtla
  • kiwimaria here you go, the hangout video. look at how siobhan leads it :) yep, about hannah - my thoughts exactly, i hate the character :(

    11 Tem 2013 Yanıtla
  • kiwimaria

    exactly the same! flatline is everything i wanted it to be, including siobhan's lead <3 her part is the best obviously) i've read that she wrote the most of the lyrics of the song (surprisingly) and also she was like the front woman during the google hangout. i mean, who is the best member, bitches! >:D and the dexter episode! i'm concerned with deb! :O although dex is the one to blame, i hope they'll work it out. i'm watching episodes the next day after the premiere :( but i feel it being the best season!!! and here - i'm dying of jealousy about the jamie 's show!!!!!!!! oh man! that's super cool! i checked the tour, it's all too far from me, quite impossible to make it... well, the only festival i'm attending is the one in helsinki in august. but only saturday and sunday :( so i won't see cat power and alicia

    7 Tem 2013 Yanıtla
  • DeusEluh

    Nach einigen Plays find ichs auch super. :) Mag Keishas Part sogar am liebsten, haha. :D

    4 Tem 2013 Yanıtla
  • kiwimaria

    am i answering late? ;D i'm in love with momentum! my favorites are sad sad world anf save your soul i guess. like seriously, it's like the best album of this year so far. well, until sara releases the blessed unrest :D how's flatline? how's dexter??? :O

    4 Tem 2013 Yanıtla
  • DeusEluh

    Den Snippet mochte ich nicht so. :/ Lasse mich aber überraschen, ansonsten fand ich bisher ja alles klasse...

    18 Haz 2013 Yanıtla
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