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  • jonowev

    Hmmmm... yes and no. It's an okay album, but they're absolutely terrible live these days. For this reason, i'd say In Flames is a dead band! Exit Ten, that's a fucking great band!!!

    13 Nis 17:16 Yanıtla
  • jonowev

    Really varied taste, well done sir

    11 Nis 21:45 Yanıtla
  • chokeboke

    :)) Има, има! Тъкмо го почвам де. После малко 'Providence' за сравнение и тогава равносметка.

    14 Mar 20:39 Yanıtla
  • radio_telescope

    Greetings from Ukraine! Listen our post-rock/post-metal band: Way Station. And our new single: 2 Million Light Years Hope You enjoy it!

    9 Mar 11:31 Yanıtla
  • Kaazt2010

    Thanks and No Prob.

    8 Mar 20:19 Yanıtla
  • CircleOvTyrants

    Nice. You visiting because of work purposes?

    17 Şub 10:52 Yanıtla
  • CircleOvTyrants

    That's awesome. When you roughly coming to the UK?

    12 Şub 18:35 Yanıtla
  • Stepsen

    Enter Shikari is amazing live !! The leadsinger has such a beautiful voice. If you are getting the chance to see them live, you should take it. I don't like the new album as much as i like the older ones ^^ sssnakepit is my favourite song so far ^^

    12 Şub 11:49 Yanıtla
  • CircleOvTyrants

    I'm good dude. How about you?

    9 Şub 17:10 Yanıtla
  • Boychev

    Мноо як албум тоз Deathtrip.

    4 Ara 2014 Yanıtla
  • AlienEuphoria

    Same here. I'm not a huge math metal geek, nor a meshuggah fan. Nothing, Catch 33, and I are just some of my all-time favorite metal albums.

    7 Eki 2014 Yanıtla
  • AlienEuphoria

    Let me know what you think of those two things (Also, your thoughts on Catch Thirtythree). How have you been, and what did you do in America?

    6 Eki 2014 Yanıtla
  • AlienEuphoria

    I've finally began review and elaborating on my passions in music. Here is my perspective on Melody and Harmony, and here is an example of the kinds of reviews I'm going to write.

    6 Eki 2014 Yanıtla
  • AlienEuphoria

    I've been absolutely fantasic. We've started our home run busniess, and it's the most flexible thing ever. As long as it's financially feasible, we could take vacations whenever. :)

    6 Eki 2014 Yanıtla
  • Infestation_Pit

    HI what's up

    5 Eki 2014 Yanıtla
  • Monikacantfly

    buuump.too much bmth, too little chimaira:D

    16 Eyl 2014 Yanıtla
  • xVictimOfADownx

    I'm not back till August, but the western part of the state is much nicer than the eastern part in my opinion! :D

    19 Haz 2014 Yanıtla
  • xVictimOfADownx

    That's good! Yeah we are pretty friendly in general, what part of Montana are you in? The only half-way decent places in Missoula at least for records stores is Ear Candy and Rockin' Rudy's but I usually order online since at least for extreme music it's extremely limited to be honest. Billings has a better metal/hardcore scene than Missoula, Kalispel is also pretty decent although I don't know the record stores there :(

    19 Haz 2014 Yanıtla
  • xVictimOfADownx

    Hey man, how have you been? I see that you are living in Montana now? What do you think of the place?

    19 Haz 2014 Yanıtla
  • Boychev

    що не направите един материал за Swans, огромен хайп има покрай тях в момента

    25 May 2014 Yanıtla
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Editor in Pro-ROCK magazine Bulgaria - the only independent rock and metal print in Bulgaria.

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