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Twitter: RyanGibbs89

well, isn't it a lovely day? oh my patio's on fire.

If you would like contact me about an issue you are having with the site or another user, please send me a PM.

Before you send me a PM, please check the FAQ (and the Wiki FAQ) just in case your query could be answered there.

I am only able to provide support for the English language and not on the wikis for different languages. Please contact one of the international moderators (they're on the bottom of the mods page) for support on the non-English which you use

I'm often busy, and I may not be able to reply to your PM immediately.
However, I am on the site almost every day and I try to reply to all PMs eventually (and if not me, i'll have forwarded it to a staff member or another global mod). You should be able to get a response from me or one of my colleagues in about 12-24 hours after your PM

Friend Requests
Sorry, I do not accept friend requests from people I do not know (I HAVE made a few exceptions, but there will be no more). They will be ignored.
While I'm flattered that you'd want to friend me because you think it's cool to have a moderator on your friends list or our compatibility is high, i'd much rather keep my friends to people I know.
If you know me (and that includes things as simple as I follow you on Twitter), feel free to ignore this whole thing and send me a PM telling me who you are.

Do we have high compatibility? Here's some lesser known artists I dig that you might like to try!
Alec K. Redfearn and the Eyesores
The Brother Kite
Call Me Lightning
Flotation Toy Warning
Haunt the House
Makeshift Shelters
Mean Creek
Miracle Chosuke
Nosferatu D2
Peach Kelli Pop
The Sheila Divine
A Troop of Echoes (these guys are friends of mine!)
The Viennagram
Young Romance

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