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  • thelastamy

    thanks for adding me :D

    18 Mar 13:46 Yanıtla
  • Indyalanjones1

    Dont give up on it mate! I've messed about on a few of them over the years, Fruit Loops studio is pretty good. Give me a shout one time and ill come over and rock the fuck out

    23 Oca 15:57 Yanıtla
  • Indyalanjones1

    How did you get on with that music program dude?

    5 Oca 22:05 Yanıtla
  • hotfox63

    Suppose you had the chance to have a time machine that would take you to a historic musical event. What would it be?

    15 Ağu 2014 Yanıtla
  • Indyalanjones1

    I am becoming obsessed with Roxy Musics first album...

    12 May 2014 Yanıtla
  • Indyalanjones1

    Hey there little bummer boy. Merry Christmas! I hope santa fills your sack with drugs and prostitutes ( and robbie williams angels singles ) See you in 2013 bullster

    21 Ara 2012 Yanıtla
  • VodkaVolauvent


    10 Eyl 2012 Yanıtla
  • Indyalanjones1

    Hold up... I think I'd rather have Dora the Explorer in my charts than the Lighthouse Family!

    8 Eyl 2012 Yanıtla
  • Indyalanjones1

    Yeah, I particually enjoy the duets with boots the monkey and swiper the fox. That's some real dark shit right there

    8 Eyl 2012 Yanıtla
  • srflipflops

    Hey man, thanks for the friend request.

    19 Ağu 2012 Yanıtla
  • Danny_Sherwood

    Thanks man, you have great taste also :) I've got some of my own music up here at (with a free download) when you have a spare 1 minute 59 seconds!

    10 Ağu 2012 Yanıtla
  • AStormInHeaven

    Hi, apologies for delay in reply! I think you hit the nail on the head by saying, they're the best band to listen to before going to bed. Now I know why my insomnia has laid dormant for a while ha! I'm not an electronic music fan at all. I'm very much (as you can tell by my music taste) guitar, bass and drums orientated with little deviation, but BOC's music makes so much sense to the average avid guitar music listener. I think liking psychedelic music helps broaden the perspective though somewhat. I can't get enough of the warbled 20-30 plus years old analogue synths, melotrons and knackered old Grundig recording equipment in which they use to ascertain their trademark nostalgia swept sound. Its not surprising that their equipment is kept a secret.

    6 Ağu 2012 Yanıtla
  • marriedtoKafka

    Haha, you took a translator :') Good idea that! Scouse accents are interesting, let me just say that, aha! Ah mate, I think you beat me with that one, he's a ledge ;) I do actually like some of his songs to be fair. Yeah, I know what you mean, I want to explore Britain more. I've been to loads of places, but mainly when I was a kid. Hehehe, yes, we do have eclectic music tastes - the crazier the better I say though! If I like a song, then I like it, no matter who does it, 's'all good innit!

    24 Tem 2012 Yanıtla
  • marriedtoKafka

    Aye, it's near Manchester, and Liverpool too - pretty much in the middle of those which is dead handy! Aha, it's like that here, people complain about Warrington all the time, but it's not so bad really. I've been to Southampton before a couple of times...but only to get the ferry over to France, ahaha! I'm sure it's a lovely place :') Manchester is great, and yeah, so many great bands, loads of my all-time faves actually :D If you ever come up here you should let me know :) Haha, what's it like up North? Grim ;) Nah, I'm only kidding, it's pretty the much the same as everywhere else to be honest! And yeah, our jobs are probably very similar, ahaha! You have to be a little bit crazy to do either! Couldn't imagine an office job though *shudders* No way Jose!

    22 Tem 2012 Yanıtla
  • marriedtoKafka

    Yeah, Karl is ace! Haha, I like what you did there :') That's impressive though - it takes a certain type of person to be able to do that job :) Must be so interesting too; challenging but rewarding! Sounds a lot like teaching, aha! Well, I still have two years left at uni until I graduate, but I've been working in schools for a good few years, and I love it! Yeah, like you say, it deffo helps doing something you love. And I'm from Warrington, how about you?

    21 Tem 2012 Yanıtla
  • marriedtoKafka

    And there was me thinking I was being dead original :') Can't do anything these days without somebody else having already done it! I need to watch more of that. I really like Karl, but not as keen on Ricky and Stephen, aha! Ugh, I couldn't work nights! What job do you do?

    20 Tem 2012 Yanıtla
  • marriedtoKafka

    Coolio! I'll have a listen to those ^.^ I always wanted to listen to Roots Manuva, but never got around to it, but I will now I have a starting place! And no worries, glad to be of assistance, haha! That's funny you should say hip-hop hooray...I thought that to myself the other day, and I've never heard anybody else say it until I got that Shout from you! We must be telepathic, aha!

    16 Tem 2012 Yanıtla
  • marriedtoKafka

    Ah that's awesome! I'm finally getting to see Willy Mason for the second time in December, I can't wait! Okay, I thought of a couple more people, firstly Joseph Arthur if you haven't listened to him...then after seeing your shout about GZA I'm guessing you're into rap too, so I recommend Akala if you haven't listened to him too because he is amazing!

    13 Tem 2012 Yanıtla
  • marriedtoKafka

    Haha, I like that image, so I hope so :) He lived life to the full that's for sure! And so much more so than many people will ever get the chance to live, so good on him! Hmm, well, I recommend John Frusciante to everybody, but he's not everybody's cup of tea which is understandable. Shadows Collide With People is a good starting place if you give him a go :) And Willy Mason is awesome. Seeing that you like folk he's definitely one to listen to. There's probably loads more I could recommend, but I can't think at the moment, haha!

    9 Tem 2012 Yanıtla
  • marriedtoKafka

    I totally agree, the drink and drugs won, but I kind of admire him for sticking to his guns. He knew that changing his ways wouldn't work so late in his life, so he just thought, fuck it! Haha! He did seem like a lovely guy, but a bit demanding, aha! Great documentary though; and like you say, we wouldn't have that music if not for his personality. And I like Nick Drake too. I got an album by him years ago, then got into John, and it was only then I knew about them being friends. I would have loved to have been the age I am now back in the late 60s/early 70s!

    9 Tem 2012 Yanıtla
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