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Sweet TripSept Sevilen parça 5 saat önce
Bo Enmy time 29 Ağu 05:13
Bo Enmiss you Sevilen parça 29 Ağu 05:09
Bo Enmy time 28 Ağu 16:28
Bo Enpale machine 28 Ağu 16:24
Bo Enwinter valentine (with mus.hiba) 28 Ağu 16:19
Bo Enfriend 28 Ağu 16:16
Bo Enevery day 28 Ağu 16:13
Bo Enbe okay (with Avec Avec) 28 Ağu 16:10
Bo Enmiss you Sevilen parça 28 Ağu 16:06
Bo Enintro 28 Ağu 16:06
BorisTu, La La 24 Ağu 20:47
BorisTu, La La 24 Ağu 20:47
BorisFlare 24 Ağu 20:43
BorisFlare 24 Ağu 20:43
The Bilinda ButchersHeaven (feat. Juri Nakashima) 24 Ağu 20:37
The Bilinda ButchersHeaven Holds a Place (feat. Harriet Brown) 24 Ağu 20:36
The Bilinda ButchersGolden House 2 (feat. Juri Nakashima) 24 Ağu 20:32
The Bilinda ButchersThe River Sumida 24 Ağu 20:29
The Bilinda ButchersEdo Method 24 Ağu 20:27
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  • nomadicherder

    no worries, if you haven't noticed i'm pretty slow at replying c: all packed and ready for school now? agree with you on that BBs song. I haven't listened to the Nothing album yet, but I def should. i've been hearing good things! also, i just listened to some of the stuff on your SC, it rules! i can't wait to hear more! and not really, i'm going to ACTUALLY start bloging hopefully when school starts so that it can become more of a routine. i haven't been listening to much new music lately, just old playlists i've made or on spotify u___u anything recent that i should check out?

    24 Ağu 20:11 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    Hey dude, just wanted to post the finalised version of the Unicorns post here

    24 Ağu 02:19 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    So I've done my final draft of the Unicorns post. I'm surprised with myself actually, before today it was sitting there at like 500 words and I don't know why but today I've just been writing and working at it all day. I was actually planning on this one to be a little shorter, but I've actually surpassed the Rose Melberg post because this one's sitting at nearly 2500 words. Anyway, I'll probably publish it tomorrow once I've gone over it a bit, link's still the same if you want to check it out. By the way, those Bluelily demos you've posted on tumblr are mega cool, I can't wait to hear how they sound when it's all put together. It looks like you're having some trouble with the recording, so I'm going to wish you luck from overseas, I'm sure you'll be able to get it all done in time!

    22 Ağu 02:02 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    Ahh, that's fine, I'm about as late as you anyway. And nah, it's OK, my classes aren't THAT bad, they can be a bit boring at times (worksheets, spider diagrams, etc.) but there's mostly fine and I do really enjoy some of them. And anyway, now that I'm going into my last two years of high school, I don't know if I've explained this before but the way the education system works in England is we study for GCSEs through what is the first two years of high school in the US (speaking of, I just got my results for those today and I got top grades, yessss), and then you can leave or apply to do A-levels which are what universities care about, and since it's higher-level you get to narrow down your courseload, so I've cut out half the classes I was doing before. So now I can focus on the stuff I like (english lit), the stuff that's helpful (maths), and the stuff I haven't had a chance to do before (economics, politics). So I think once I go back it'll be much more interesting. Tougher, though.

    22 Ağu 01:54 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    And by the way, on the topic of hard work, I've decided I'm switching topics for the third post on my music blog to The Unicorns' reunion; it's more topical and I've not really figured out how to write the KS thing yet. I've done a short ~300-word draft intro if you wanna read it (ignore the links at the bottom, they're just for personal reference)

    13 Ağu 23:21 Yanıtla
  • nomadicherder

    Oh, not too much! Currently trying to get organized before the upcoming school semester. I'm really digging the new album! There are a couple track that I feel kinda. . don't fit the atmosphere, but I don't think they're necessarily bad songs. But other than that, I love it. Some real jams on there. How did you like it? Anything new you've been listening to lately? How's life? Nyanpasu!

    12 Ağu 23:09 Yanıtla
  • diehappyx33

    Oh and thanks for the recommendations! I've been meaning to hear Bilinda Butchers for quite some time, and I know that the other band is one of your absolute favorites. I'll check out both, for sure!

    12 Ağu 03:24 Yanıtla
  • diehappyx33

    I'm glad to hear you've been well! What kind of job have you been working at part time? I haven't bought tickets for the Slowdive show yet, but I need to. I hope I can go. That sounds AMAZING. I have a feeling seeing them will be a worthwhile experience, so hopefully everything goes according to plan! As for new music, the new Cymbals Eat Guitars album "LOSE" just leaked and I can already tell it will be in my top 3 albums of the year. It's BEAUTIFUL. They're a band that is heavily influenced by Modest Mouse, Built to Spill, Pavement, and shoegaze music even while still incorporating their own style. The singer has a voice that reminds me of the vocalist from Cloud Nothings, only the CEG singer has more of a wide range and an incredible falsetto. I think you'd dig them a lot!!! Also, the new Swans albums RULES as well as the sad, yet life-affirming Sun Kil Moon album that came out several months back. So many excellent releases thus far. Sorry to gush. :P

    12 Ağu 03:23 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    Well, you have the EP, and you also got into Grinnell so I think we can say you have at least two productive feats to your name. And your farm looks really cool! I can't imagine living on a real life animal-having farm, I'd think I was in Wizard of Oz, but really, looks very cool. You're kind of right about it being claustrophobic, it must be nice to have all that land in front of you, but I kind of like the suburbs anyway. Cosy, I guess. My brother was telling me last week that if England were a US state, it would come 2nd in population density, so that might explain our mutual astonishment. Also, that would probably explain why you guys have still got dialup. Those art/music classes sound great! My high school environment is still pretty clinical so I've never had experience with classes like that. Thanks for the birthday gift by the way! I wasn't expecting it at all, I really appreciate it! I listened to it earlier, it was likeable, if a little formulaic. The last track was lovely.

    10 Ağu 21:59 Yanıtla
  • diehappyx33

    Hey, Zack! My summer has been going pretty well. Nothing special, though. My record collection is growing and growing, and it's so addictive! :) I'm hoping to see Slowdive with the band Low in Washington D.C. sometime in October. I can hardly wait! How have you been? I miss everyone a lot.

    10 Ağu 14:29 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    Ah cool, so you'll be able to say you got into the music game while still a teenager and get precociousness cred or something, probably. Good luck on getting that all nailed in October anyhow! Very excited for the early VIP copy. Well, ambient pop has it's own tag so maybe I'm not breaking entirely new ground, but hey, it doesn't have a wikipedia page at least! (well, it redirects to just "ambient") But hopefully my music'll be unique enough for people to notice. And oh man, you house has a farm? I mean I know you're out in the midwest but I never figured, like, a farm! I live in a fairly densely populated suburb so that kind of thing sounds nuts to me. Anyway, you sound like you're being way more productive than me, I've done nothing but sit on my ass in front of a computer and maybe fiddle with instruments a bit since getting out of school (sans China, obviously). What classes are you doing next year, by the way?

    7 Ağu 22:40 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    Speaking of, actually, Callum asked me to skype with him about releasing my EP a while back, so we were doing that last night. He says he's planning on pushing the release back to January (so you might get yours out before me, grrr) because he wants to get some promo/merch stuff organised which he's going to need more time for, CD and cassette run, PR and liaising with blogs, etc. I might even have to do a voice interview (which sounds nervewracking)! So all that's very exciting. By the way, I haven't really asked, how's your summer been so far? I think you got out of Grinnell in May or something?

    6 Ağu 23:28 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    Thanks about my demos also! My philosophy for Ghost in a Sundress ever since Impressions has been "ambient pop" and I think this next EP is going to lean more to the "pop" side of things, definitely, probably because I properly fell down the indie pop rabbit hole around the time I was doing stuff like I Fall In Love Too Easily and have since been unable to dig myself out. Will make sure not to forget the ambient/electronic/etc. side of things though. That's really exciting news! With regard to Bluelily, that is. It's cool that you've got such a tight schedule. It'll be great to hear the final results, and the Amaranth single, really look forward to that. Any ongoing clandestine news/material you can slip my way is appreciated. When are you planning on dropping by the way? Has Callum given you a date?

    6 Ağu 23:13 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    Yeah, my trip was good. Slow, I guess, but I had fun mostly. Was a pain to lose access to a computer for 3 whole weeks though. As for Heart of Darkness, I don't know about offending, but I guess I was trying to soften it a bit I guess, heh (I might've been compensating by being more vicious in my tumblr review; it's easier to be mean when you're not directing it at anyone). But yeah, I'm sure I'll like Catch 22 a whole lot more, possibly because my mushy hoi polloi noggin will be more suited to more modern prose, and also it sounds like the kind of thing I'd be into. Thanks about my cover! I actually messed up a little with the timing in the middle of the group vocals section but I layered a bunch of stuff over that so it's not too prominent. I was going sing the actual lyrics only I couldn't really make them out, heh. I'm really glad you liked it though, I'm thinking about doing a proper cover of it (i.e. full-length), I mean after you've released your version and everything.

    6 Ağu 23:03 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    Hey Zack! I thought I would let you know that I read Heart of Darkness while I was in China, and I picked up a copy of Catch-22 too which I will be sure to try and read this year. I'll be honest, I wasn't all too fond of Heart of Darkness - in fairness, I read it in a bit of a rush so I'm sure I missed some nuance and thematic stuff which contributes to its classic lit status, but all in all I found it a bit plodding and stilted, pacing- and delivery-wise. Its thoughts on colonialism and the nature of evil are a bit stunted by the dominance of Marlow's long-winded narration about stuff I really didn't care about. There was some good stuff, though, particularly when they do finally get to Kurtz. The bit about rivets was fun too. Another thing I bought over there was a ukulele, and to show it off I thought I would record one of YOUR songs for you (you did Bad at Goodbyes for me after all), so here's Amaranth

    30 Tem 22:20 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    By the way, in the spirit of adding things to the mix, I added some vocal harmonies and percussion to the demo below, and I also wrote ANOTHER shorter lyrics-having demo if you'd like

    20 Haz 00:35 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    OK OK I'm finally getting back to you, holy christ I am sorry it has been over 2 months I literally cannot believe myself. I've been super out of it recently what with exams and all and some part of my brain is frighteningly resistance to typing what should be pretty simple messages. ANYWAY. I saw the schedule you have up for your EP, it's cool that you have a proper plan set out, have you got the basics down for all the 5 tracks now? I'm very excited to here them fully fleshed out with all the parts your buddies have thrown in, good luck with all of that. And thanks about my demos, I feel I should get back to digital at some point because I'm far from done with tinkering with synths and effects and all, but songwriting on guitar has felt really organic to me recently. I'm thinking off picking up more instruments to add to the mix too, mainly small scale stuff (I'm thinking ocarina, maybe a thumb piano) and percussion (shakers, maybe a snare drum)

    20 Haz 00:33 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    Hey! I'm mega mega mega sorry I haven't gotten back to you in like a bajillion months, I've been really burned out from exams and I still haven't been able to find the time to reply, but I just wanted to drop you this demo I did recently in case you were interested, it's another attempt at writing lyrics and it's called Convection Current Summer

    9 Haz 02:27 Yanıtla
  • YouAreInvited

    Yeah :/ I'm almost as much of a Lapalux fan now as I am a Flylo one (first time I heard this it completely changed how I listen to music), so I really wanted to chat to him in the least fanboyish way possible afterwards. Hopefully he comes back to bristol/bath soon. In any case, flylo was great and it was just a cool day out with some friends in Bristol anyway. This artwork is sick dude! I LOVE the Kevin Shields one. Didn't realise you did your own artwork either, awesome. Also, that final fantasy/Yoshitaka Amano artwork you posted is off the chain jesus christ, I've never even heard of him before.

    8 Haz 23:35 Yanıtla
  • YouAreInvited

    Thanks dude. Flylo was siiiick, the sound was pretty terrible. I really wanted to see Lapalux at the afterparty but they last-minute changed his spot to open for Flylo which we didn't know about, so that was lame. Great day overall, plus I got a hi-five from the man himself at the end so hopefully I've absorbed some of his power. Studio art sounds cool, do you have a blog or page or anything with your art on it? would be cool to see. Awesome about the EP, are you putting it out on a label?

    7 Haz 17:10 Yanıtla
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