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The Depreciation GuildA Room, A Canvas Sevilen parça 10 Eki 03:41
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YMCK時代遅れの空 9 Eki 04:30
YMCK8番目の虹 9 Eki 04:25
YMCKMajor Swing 9 Eki 04:19
YMCKFloor 99 9 Eki 04:16
YMCKRain 9 Eki 04:12
YMCKフューチャー・インヴェージョン 9 Eki 04:07
YMCKCarving the Rock 9 Eki 04:03
YMCK何方(いずかた)の笛 9 Eki 04:00
YMCKStarlight 9 Eki 03:59
YMCKプレアデス 9 Eki 03:55
YMCK錆びた扉の第8天国 9 Eki 03:52
YMCKプロローグ 9 Eki 03:49
The Dismemberment PlanEllen and Ben 9 Eki 03:43
The Dismemberment PlanThe Other Side Sevilen parça 9 Eki 03:38
The Dismemberment PlanTime Bomb Sevilen parça 9 Eki 03:34
The Dismemberment PlanFollowing Through Sevilen parça 9 Eki 03:30
The Dismemberment PlanSecret Curse 9 Eki 03:24
The Dismemberment PlanCome Home Sevilen parça 9 Eki 03:22
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  • mindbattery

    Yeah, it sucks to have that page limit when you have so much to write about. It's weird how little you can say in 1,000 words. And you should've let me know you wanted to oral history! I totally could've busted out my copy and photocopied it for you. Then again, I guess you were short on time. And you're right, it is more informal than formal, it just kinda blows that you had to have that rigidity at all. I'd love for you to revise it for the blog though! I was actually going to suggest that, wasn't sure if you'd be up for it. Let me know when you want to do it, I'll sign you right up. And speaking of, I've started work on the next post, it's on a different blog because you-know-what, the URL is just a meaningless name I thought up years ago. I might change it, but it's called Are Belle and Sebastian Twee? Since it's a sort-of-fresh start, I thought it'd be nice to have a bit of an overarching topic

    dün akşam Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    Thanks for the Nintendo console/simulator info, that's helpful. I'll try and set something up over Christmas or something and tell you about anything Mother-related (or otherwise) I play then. Yeah, I guess you're right that Spirit Youth is more poppy. I dunno, I guess IHGJ is just more distinctive. Stuff like Heavy Eyes, you know? Blue Lily and Dream About Me were the only real standouts for me from SY, the rest seemed to blur together a bit. Is that all there is to their discography, or is there more? And do let me know what you thought of the KS post!

    dün akşam Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    And your D-Plan essay! Oh my god! First off, I think it's great that you had the opportunity to write such a thing. And it's really interesting to see what you wrote about. But I see what you mean about not being able to expand, it really feels like you didn't have the chance to properly express yourself and go into detail, like there are a ton of interesting points that you're making throughout that you don't really manage to expand upon, and it does all feel a bit too academic for a record like this (so I see why you liked the informal tone of my KS post). The points you're making really are interesting though; I'd never thought about the heteronormative implications of Gyroscope, for example, and your analysis of You Are Invited is much cleverer than my "it's probs just ambiguous" view on that song. And, as much as the academic-ness can be dry, it's really interesting to see you citing sources and talking about the sociological context of the album/indie rock as a whole.

    18 Eki 22:32 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    Well look at that, I'm crummy at replying too! I guess we're even now, though. I'll try not to let it happen again. So, wow at this big infodump on Mother, it's all very informative so thank you. I don't suppose you have any information on console simulators? I'm not sure how much I'd have to shell out for a SNES (w/ EarthBound cartridge) nowadays but I'm guessing it's a lot. That's really cool that a fangroup is making a 4th Mother, by the way, it's look wicked professional and everything. Will check it out after I have a chance to play the original(s). In other news, I finished the KS post! Thought I could get it out in September but I guess this is good enough. Let me know what you think! Speaking of music, I listened to Spirit Youth recently. I'll be honest, I found it kind of forgettable compared to IHGJ, but it was a pleasant listen, and Blue Lily was great, I see why you named yourself after it

    18 Eki 22:15 Yanıtla
  • nateyomat3y

    oh is that what they are. nuisances. no, i'm fairly immune it seems.

    9 Eki 17:21 Yanıtla
  • nateyomat3y

    remember better, son

    9 Eki 17:11 Yanıtla
  • nateyomat3y

    sync ya ipod then, dude :P

    9 Eki 16:57 Yanıtla
  • nateyomat3y

    have you stopped listening to musiccccc oh noes

    8 Eki 22:03 Yanıtla
  • OblivionJustice

    Goddamn dude, Masuda's National Park is full of childhood feelings for me! So good!

    8 Eki 20:49 Yanıtla
  • diehappyx33

    Wow, a shoegaze and emo band? That's SO awesome. You'll have to tell me more about that. And don't apologize for the late response; as you can tell, my response is super late. I've been spending last time on the computer and more time with friends and keeping busy. I liked "Endless Fantasy" quite a bit. I actually have a Depreciation Guild album, "In Her Gentle Jaws" which I need to listen to more, but I loved what I have heard. And you've suggested J. Arthur Keenes before. Is there an album I should start with? I hope you like Swans if you ever get a chance to listen to them. Their albums are long but worth every second of your time! I need to order the "Change" reissue. Money has been tight, but I would LOVE a copy! Things are going okay with me. I feel like there is so much new music that has dropped lately, and I'm a little overwhelmed by it all. :P How's college?

    2 Eki 23:32 Yanıtla
  • Chimesandclicks

    IM SORRY ABOUT THIS BUT IT'S WHO I AM NOT A PHASE ETC ETC yeah I stopped scrobbling stuff for ages and forot about a bit, so I figured I would make a new one. MY music taste is once again quite different as well, so the fresh start is nice.

    27 Eyl 19:51 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    By the way, I was curious, ever since you reblogged that picture of the Mother characters and I found out the slogan was "No crying till the end", which I thought was incredibly sweet, I've wanted to ask, can you tell me anything about playing the original Mother games? I know you're playing Mother 3 at the moment, and of all the old Nintendo RPGs it seems the most interesting, can you give me any pointers?

    24 Eyl 15:37 Yanıtla
  • YouAreInvited

    Yeah over here we start around this time, usually a week earlier. Uni is open for registration and start of year events now but I don't have to head in until next week. And yeah, our first two years are fairly reigned in and then in third and last year we do our crazy ambitious end-of-year projects haha. Speaking of electronic composition, in return here's my own super secret EP rough drafts, some feedback would be cool actually. They're very early rough drafts and they're far more textural and moody than my usual stuff so I'm very interested to see what people think of them when they're done. Art and philosophy sound great, you gotta show me some stuff at some point! Are you releasing your EP on a label by the way? It's definitely worth pushing to a big audience. If you want a remix or anything give me a shout!

    23 Eyl 23:07 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    Oh, "Subtractive" as in colour models does make more sense, especially since you've got a track named after one of them on the EP. And I guess now that you've got this EP near-wrapped up, hopefully future projects will be a lot better time-managed.That's cool that you're up for contributing! Do you want me to add you as a contributor, or do you just wanna just wait till you have something to draft? It'd be great to read something you wrote, anyhow. That's fantastic about your band, as well, and what are the chances of just running into someone who likes the same obscure band as you? My fingers are still crossed on someone recognising my Beat Happening shirts someday. But more important, being in a band with friend really does sound like the coolest thing. You can join Ilai in the subsubgroup of D-Plan shoutboxers who are in bands. Let me know if you ever play shows, that sounds like it'd be so cool, or even if you just post some songs online

    23 Eyl 20:59 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    Finally (phooey, three shouts!), since you rec'ed me Black Tambourine ages ago, I feel like I should return the favour with Glo-Worm. Same lead singer(/songwriter?) as Black Tambourine, but a lot more poppy/jangly (i.e. you can actually make out the guitars) and some slight jazz influences too I think

    21 Eyl 22:38 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    But yeah, Nicol is definitely into JRPG soundtrack stuff as far as I can tell, he's done a bunch of cover/arrangements of stuff like that, so it makes sense that he'd draw inspiration from that. This is a cool site by the way! I couldn't find too much by the artists in my charts but it is cool of people to map out the chords/melody like that. Excellent for theory nerds. Hey, I was curious, would you at all be interested in contributing something to my blog? It's just that I realised you could have multiple members on extra blogs and you'd be able to bring an angle that I don't have (chiptune, shoegaze, VGM, etc.). Nothing like the thousand word navelgazing that I do, but if you're interested let me know. Speaking of creative endeavours, YOU'RE IN A BAND NOW?! You gotta tell me everything, how'd you get involved with it? Are you gonna play shows? Have you got any original material yet?

    21 Eyl 22:36 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    Oh, wow, I wasn't expecting that big shout-dump. Totally cool with it though! I guess you pent up all that commentary for a week and then splurged it all out. Ah, cool, "Subtractive", is that in reference to synths? Nuts that you've (technically) been working on this EP for 4 years now, by the way. And I agree, I'm sure once you get all that extra instrumentation in there it'll sound miles better. I'm glad you like the KS piece. The informal tone is definitely something I want to maintain through everything I write, like I want to write as if I'm writing for a music magazine but I also want it to be very strongly personalised, I'll definitely try and do some other stuff like it. And it's good to hear constructive criticism! That opinion imbalance is definitely something I'll try and correct. And that's really interesting that you think the artificiality of the music allows for a sort of blank canvas, I've never thought of it that way. Maybe it's because those games are older/pixel-y?

    21 Eyl 22:27 Yanıtla
  • YouAreInvited

    Dude these are all great! There's some really strong songwriting in here. It's like jazzy shoegaze but very lighthearted if ye get me. I love it man, I'm glad those tunes are coming together now. I literally just got back to my uni town today, I start properly in a few days but yeah it's all good, I'm trying to pick modules for this year and it's a very fiddly system so I have to choose between a module where I spend half my year making one huge big electronic composition (which I've always wanted to do since I started) and audio software development (which I've recently become interested in and there's a ton of work there). I reckon I'll pick the composition one just because then I can make a huge Kashiwa Daisuke-style epic which I've been planning for years. How's your college career progressing?

    21 Eyl 19:16 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    Plus, would you be interested in this

    10 Eyl 15:29 Yanıtla
  • diehappyx33

    Oh and guess what? I listened to the Anamanaguchi album, "Endless Fantasy." I loved it! I'm new to chiptune, but I thought it was a really fun listen!

    8 Eyl 21:46 Yanıtla
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