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  • KatiesConscious

    Is EVA good though? I'll watch it after Game of Thrones!

    24 dakika önce Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    OK, the Hospitality review is official DONE. Still need to work up a draft on the KS soundtrack, I'm thinking it'll be the most personal of the 3 so far, partly because I have an emotional attachment to the game itself and also because it was part of what encouraged me to make my own music. I don't know if it'll be ready for publishing by the end of this break, I really am supposed to be using it for studying though procrastination is winning so far, but hopefully I'll still be able to meet the post-per-month quota. I'll add Four Calendar Cafe to the list then, I've heard that Treasure is their other classic too but I'll go on your advice.

    8 Nis 23:38 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    *fine tune, sorry, autocorrect

    3 Nis 22:56 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    Don't sweat the late reply, totally not a problem, especially if you've been busy. Thanks on the review! I was hoping to get it done by the end of March but I missed that deadline, so I guess to keep the one post per month rate up I'll have to write two for April. I only need to fine time so hopefully that target is within reach (speaking of, we've been talking about the KS soundtrack but I still haven't done that draft). Yeah, the Mugi fig is hecka cool, and it has swappable parts and everything. Thanks about the guitar too, it actually wasn't a choice so much because I bought it from my school's music teacher, but I'm very happy with it nonetheless. And yeah, I was going to mention that I had listened to Heaven or Las Vegas actually. It really surprised me, it was way more creative musically than I thought it would and Elizabeth Fraser's melodies are jaw dropping. And Cherry Coloured Funk especially just swept me off my feet, the chorus is incredible

    3 Nis 22:54 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    Hey, I know you haven't gotten back to me yet but I thought I should let you know I got a new guitar! It looks a lot like Yui's except with different scratchplate/bridge/pickup colours. (P.S. I love that tag you posted "how fucking shoegaze was Monet" by the way, that's a brilliant perspective.)

    30 Mar 16:23 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    On the topic of the KS soundtrack, I was kind of planning to talk about this in the draft, but I gotta come to the defence of Fripperies. And Ah Eh I Oh U I guess too. They're tacky as hell for sure, but I think there's something quaint about them and I for one liked Fripperies in the soundtrack (I think I mentioned this but Afternoon's the one that gets me frothing at the mouth). Ill expand on this in the draft I guess, but as far as favourites go, I love Wiosna, Cloudland Swing, Teatime Fast Forward. (You might not recognise those two, they're in the animated cutscenes (which are fantastic by the way right?) and I don't think they're listed in the in-game directory), Air Guitar, and To Become One, Raindrops and Puddles and Parity were favourites for a long time so try carry a lot of nostalgia.

    20 Mar 00:20 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    Oh, and since your fav track from the OST is Moment of Decision it makes it especially appropriate for me to link you this. (still gotta write that draft on the soundtrack, here's the finished draft for the Hospitality review though). I'd love those pictures of the fig. And yeah, I'm sure Rome will be beautiful, you're right, I guess it's more a matter of the nature of holidays than the place I'm visiting. I'm usually most content with minimal, self-determined activity, so it's usually kind of jolting and stressful for me to have a super busy week with my family making half the decisions. Maybe they makes me sound selfish, heh, I guess I'm just kind of individualistic. It should be worthwhile though, I'll try and take some pictures to send back to you

    20 Mar 00:08 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    Yeah, it's hard to take the on a persona and maintain empathy with that character when they do something you totally resent. I totally get you if you wanna avoid Hanako's bad end, I think it's just as well executed as the good end though, it fleshes out her character but from a massively different (worse) perspective. Anyhow, it's been a fun ride following your KS odyssey, I really enjoyed reading your tumblr megapost and seeing your followers interact with you has been cool, especially that ask telling you try wanted to hug you or something? That was real sweet, it's like you've got a little tumblr KS/Stugard fan club.

    20 Mar 00:07 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    Yeah, I guess people will just think it's a cute music-related figurine. What does it look like, if I can ask? And my parents are actually dragging me to Rome for 5 days that break. I'd rather spend it studying and going on holiday, at least with other people, often ends up less fun than staying at home, but my mum especially really wants to get away. The rest of it I'll probably spend studying, I'd like to get some songwriting done in that time too

    16 Mar 02:37 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    It's kind of weird playing as a character when certain decisions that said character makes are out of your control and ones you don't agree with, but you still have to keep acting as and empathising with them, so it's kind of frustrating that Hisao can be a jerk/dumbass sometimes. But it's cool that you were into the game, your general reaction seems pretty similar to what mine was. Have fun with the bad routes, Kenji's is a (bizarre) blast, if only a short one, be careful with Hanako's bad though, I hear that messed a lot of people up. And don't bother with Lilly's neutral, it's identical to the good but Hisao just doesn't chase after her. I got that my first time and was really pissed that it was so anticlimactic until I looked up a walkthrough and realised the mistake. Rin's bad is kinda rough, haven't done her neutral, nor have I done Emi's other ending(s). Shizune's bad is, um, "comfort Misha" *vomits*

    16 Mar 02:33 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    Yeah, Rin's took a lot out of me the first time through too. It's definitely a really interesting character study, Rin fascinated me as a character for a long time (though I do vaguely remember Hisao being kind of an ass in that route). Cool to know Bluelily is getting on well, at least on the lyrics front. I still have to try and write lyrics properly, all I've got so far is vague snippets and song title ideas. I look forward to when you record this stuff and put it out. Oh, man, you got a Mugi fig? Dang, man, you really have slipped beyond all hope of rescue. That's cool, though, I don't own any figs myself (the only anime merch I have is this little Totoro plush and a Kiki's Delivery Service notebook) but they seem nice, I just don't think I could put money into them. My exams actually don't start for a couple months, those are my big official ones that I get leave from school for. I'm gonna be on break for 2 weeks actually, though, in a few weeks time.

    15 Mar 03:34 Yanıtla
  • threemonic


    13 Mar 03:07 Yanıtla
  • threemonic

    feldman_implying.png also i'm totes debating getting the Dorothy (big o) figma but it's like i kinda need money to eat or whatever lol

    12 Mar 23:07 Yanıtla
  • threemonic

    bro i have a fucking Kuroneko figma and it rules dude by all means cop the Mugi one (i've totally been meaning to.) in other news i am completely fucking ashamed

    12 Mar 21:58 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    Yeah, the KS soundtrack is weird and I've spent far more time than I should thinking about it. A lot of it carries nostalgia (Rin's cutscene piece was my most played track for months FYI), some of it I have a lot to say from a technical standpoint, as someone who's made music in the same vein with the same tools, some of it is vomit-inducing personally ("Afternoon" I think? That one really grates on me). Anyway, I'll do a draft outlining some thoughts so I can vaguely convey my feelings to you sometime this week (still need to finish that Hospitality review actually). And have fun with the rest of Rin's route, I look forward to your thoughts on it

    11 Mar 00:30 Yanıtla
  • mindbattery

    Thanks about the cover! You have The Caravelles to thank for the harmonies. As for discovery, I put it down to spending a lot of time on RYM/Wikipedia. I was interested in that band because a) they were a 60s pop band from b) Britain whose most popular single that I checked out had c) amazing harmonies, and it turns out that song is an old folk song. And I have been meaning to read up more on pre-70s folk/pop music, including old folk tunes. You might like that band though, they're very quaint which you may or may not be into but those vocal harmonies are of consistent quality. Anyway, I've had that song on repeat the last few days and I think the lyrics are beautiful in a morose, bittersweet sort of way

    11 Mar 00:25 Yanıtla
  • nateyomat3y

    now i need another emo band to love in order to appropriately exorcise my sadness at BM's farewell. damn you, cyclical torture of the emo scene.

    10 Mar 14:36 Yanıtla
  • nateyomat3y


    10 Mar 14:36 Yanıtla
  • nateyomat3y

    dude start with Human Hearts. Glass Floor is nice, but inconsistent and acoustic-y. the riffs and hooks on Human Hearts are so flyyy. and yeah. <-- Amazon Marketplace is always a good place to check out if you don't mind used.

    10 Mar 14:35 Yanıtla
  • nateyomat3y

    dude, ever listen to Maritime? Eric from the D-Plan's old band. Very catchy stuff. We, The Vehicles and Human Hearts both very recommended.

    10 Mar 02:04 Yanıtla
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