Uriel Malachai, Erkek, Güney Afrika
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  • Nuahssiaram

    Soortvan. Polysics is klein bietjie bit en synth en punk ook!

    12 Nis 2013 Yanıtla
  • bernlin2000

    Haha, thanks man: I wear my avatar proudly :-)

    3 Mar 2013 Yanıtla
  • cookieboo

    Hey, love your taste :D

    15 May 2012 Yanıtla
  • rightontheshin


    20 Oca 2012 Yanıtla
  • laracoltt

    awesome taste :] do you also like the movie Into The Wild, or just that album? :]

    9 Oca 2012 Yanıtla
  • way2blues

    hey man! yeah that's true..i think mainly due to the new job i joined..nowadays listen to stuff through my player on train while going office >> home >> office >> home..it's still cool though..i think..cheers anyway

    14 Kas 2011 Yanıtla
  • BowieFreak

    You were listening to some band or were being one of the band's top listeners.

    5 Kas 2011 Yanıtla
  • BowieFreak


    5 Kas 2011 Yanıtla
  • svenn1980

    Yeah I am back in Centurion. Funnily enough, I hardly listen to music when I am at home. So i decided to just listen to music tonight. I created my last.fm account a while ago and have never really used it. I like it a lot :)

    5 Ağu 2011 Yanıtla
  • UrielCorinthian

    Wow... Lookit that... I haven't used Last FM in a month... :(

    5 Ağu 2011 Yanıtla
  • Laubewi

    Thanks for the add :)

    27 May 2011 Yanıtla
  • FireBeaver

    ahahahah thanx =)

    1 Nis 2011 Yanıtla
  • Sradha112

    Yeah, last weekend i think. It just happened. My immune system's pretty shot right now. Feel like poo :( A caretaker sounds nice :)

    25 Mar 2011 Yanıtla
  • Sradha112

    Back home, sick in bed with tonsilitis and my orphan immune system again.... Hate this, i was just in the freaking hospital for dehydration. Someone's voodoo-ing me. I know it.

    25 Mar 2011 Yanıtla
  • violetchild

    You have a nice collection of artists and bands. I highly respect your taste in music.

    16 Mar 2011 Yanıtla
  • Sradha112

    Helloo there. Still bored? I'm loaded with work given to me by family so i'm far from it. Just saying hey. Don't have any airtime so i can't reply to smses. Hope all's well

    28 Şub 2011 Yanıtla
  • way2blues

    :) by the way do check out Kings of Convenience (in case you haven't yet)..some really beautiful music..go for their latest album declaration of dependence...infact the song 'me in you' or 'renegade'..just play it once and then you'll concur that they actually are the kings of convenience..really mellow stuff

    18 Oca 2011 Yanıtla
  • way2blues

    well that's not my name..you know what it is..bryter layter.. but hey nice to meet you too..i really like your top song re: stacks :)

    16 Oca 2011 Yanıtla
  • Sradha112

    can't think of anywhere else, try fruit and veg city in centurion, they might have it...

    4 Kas 2010 Yanıtla
  • Sradha112

    that sounds good tho, at least it wasn't a complete fail. wow, i was sure i dreamt that u asked about sev. u asked what the thick one is right? its called ganthiya and i have no frikkin clue where u could buy it from. it is completely vegan tho-made with chickpea flour and salt and water and oil. laudium might have it and so might dischem where they sell peanuts and stuff in little plastic bags.

    3 Kas 2010 Yanıtla
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Last.FM Milestones1st track: (27 Mar 2009)
Einstürzende Neubauten - Blume
1000th track: (18 May 2009)
David Gray - Babylon
2000th track: (14 Jul 2009)
Johnny Clegg and Savuka - Great Heart
3000th track: (17 Dec 2009)
A Perfect Circle - Vanishing
4000th track: (14 May 2010)
Steve Earle & The Dukes - Copperhead Road
5000th track: (16 Aug 2010)
Collective Soul - The World I Know
6000th track: (07 Sep 2010)
William Fitzsimmons - Shattered
7000th track: (21 Oct 2010)
Deftones - Good Morning Beautiful
8000th track: (05 Jan 2011)
Marc Cohn - Strangers in a Car
9000th track: (07 Mar 2011)
Tracy Chapman - Love's Proof
10000th track: (21 Jun 2011)
Counting Crows - Big Yellow Taxi
11000th track: (14 Sep 2011)
Street Sweeper Social Club - The New Fuck You
12000th track: (09 Feb 2012)
Please - Here It Comes Again
13000th track: (29 Mar 2012)
Rage Against the Machine - Born of a Broken Man
14000th track: (10 Sep 2012)
Radiohead - High and Dry
15000th track: (04 Jan 2013)
Laura Veirs - Cool Water
16000th track: (27 Apr 2013)
Soul Asylum - Somebody to Shove
17000th track: (11 Sep 2013)
Counting Crows - Round Here
18000th track: (31 Jan 2014)
Incubus - The Warmth
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3. Nervous_testpilot - Frozen Synapse Original Soundtrack (195)
4. Trifonic - Emergence (179)
5. Pixies - Surfer Rosa / Come on Pilgrim (158)
6. Cat Stevens - Teaser and the Firecat (154)
7. Jónsi & Alex - Riceboy Sleeps (145)
8. Édith Piaf - La Vie en rose: La Môme Soundtrack (144)9. Cat Stevens - Tea For The Tillerman (139)
10. Tori Amos - Under the Pink (132)

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