Sweden (Måns Zelmerlöw) To Win Eurovision Song Contest ♥, 36, Erkek, Birleşik Krallıkdün akşam görüldü

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LightsUp We Go Sevilen parça dün akşam
Amelia's FaultMade Of Shadows (feat. Andreas Öhrn) Sevilen parça dün akşam
Ola SaloHow I Kill dün akşam
John DahlbäckHonors (feat. Rebecca & Fiona) [Radio Mix] dün akşam
Amanda JenssenCalleth You, Cometh I Sevilen parça dün akşam
Cash CashSurrender Sevilen parça dün akşam
Leslie ClioMillion Lights dün akşam
Leslie ClioAdam dün akşam
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Leslie ClioRemedy dün akşam
Leslie ClioOnly a Fool Breaks His Own Heart dün akşam
Leslie ClioBad Eyes dün akşam
Leslie ClioFalling To Pieces dün akşam
CHVRCHESGet Away Sevilen parça dün akşam
Ellen XylanderReckless Hearted dün akşam
Purity RingPush Pull Sevilen parça dün öğleden sonra
Calvin HarrisOutside (feat. Ellie Goulding) dün öğleden sonra
Maya VikY.M.D. (Young Michael Douglas) dün öğleden sonra
Tove StyrkeEgo dün öğleden sonra
Maja FrancisLast Days Of Dancing Sevilen parça dün öğleden sonra
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  • Scratch-N-Sniff


    dün akşam Yanıtla
  • david_a_75

    Hugs xoxo

    Dün 02:29 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe

    I have listened to Stand By For Love. Not sure why it isn't in my last.fm history. Much prefer MZW. Home is my favourite track of his :)

    25 Nis 10:41 Yanıtla
  • Neodita

    Great profile! ;)

    17 Nis 05:50 Yanıtla
  • Mr_Phantom88

    Be free to check out my Sound Cloud profile @ https://soundcloud.com/chommyofficial

    9 Nis 15:22 Yanıtla
  • FlaWinchester90

    Hi, thank U for accepted !!! :D

    8 Nis 14:07 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe

    Nooooooooo :'(

    8 Nis 06:40 Yanıtla
  • CitizenOfPanem

    Hey scamp! How are you doing? Happy Easter!!! I'm sorry I haven't messaged you lately - I've been so sick. :-(. Literally spent last week in bed with a chest infection. I'm not sure if I replied to your Shania question, but yeah, there are some noticeable differences in the versions. I'd recommend getting the U.S. version of Come On Over - it's totally different if you fancy something "new". I only ever knew the UK remixed version, but I got the US one on eBay recently and it's like rediscovering the album again. The songs are in a totally different order, and you can hear the origins of how the album started off with country intentions before they gave it the pop treatment. :D. Up! is a different story - the versions are distinctly different, but it's almost like they did it just to make a point. The blue "International" one does my head in. It's just cheap Bollywood production in the background lol. Green is nice - red is the best. :D Missed you. <3 x

    5 Nis 23:53 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe

    Never listened to Daphne & Celeste. Will check out their new track. Oh and after a zillion emails, I finally took out a free 60 day trial of all access Google Play music. I think I might keep it after 60 days ;)

    31 Mar 19:02 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe

    Tove was, of course, brilliant. Best gig I've been to in a long while. She sang every track off the album, EP and the Alessi track. The crowd were really into it as well, not bad for a Monday :)

    31 Mar 18:54 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe

    I did think after I posted the link that you might have bought the album already ;) Off to see Tove Lo this evening :)

    30 Mar 18:08 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe

    Hey. Have you seen this? http://www.npr.org/2015/03/29/395288566/first-listen-say-lou-lou-lucid-dreaming

    30 Mar 16:33 Yanıtla
  • toffeeluce

    I'm very well, ta! Hopefully Måns will do us BOTH proud in May! x

    23 Mar 18:56 Yanıtla
  • toffeeluce

    Hey, long time no speak! Just dropping by to say Sweden did me proud last night and didn't let me down... unlike Finland, who we're not speaking to (or about) at the moment for sending a rather rubbish song to Vienna, haha! MÅÅÅÅÅÅNS! x

    15 Mar 11:15 Yanıtla
  • deneneogkun

    OH YES! I'm still buzzing and, for the first time in AGES, I'll be mainly supporting our Swedish neighbours at Eurovision, haha! GO MÅNS!

    15 Mar 10:50 Yanıtla
  • davidx89

    Thanks! Your looks good too ;)....and also, great music taste :)

    15 Mar 10:14 Yanıtla
  • nesnetromo

    It is no problems!

    11 Mar 18:21 Yanıtla
  • EyeLuvMyTunez

    Daniel-san! Yes, 'tis I, your fan of Cathy Dennis! It's been about a thousand years since we last chatted... and about a dozen name changes for my account since you last found me, eh?! I hope you're having a splendid 2015. I'm not online much these days as the next two months are nothing but a huge ball of stress for me, but... thanks for reaching out. Sing it with me: Pretty face, but head full of air... LOL! I think that's one of my all-time favorite tracks, and you sent it to me, what, like 9 years ago? Yikes! Cheers, m8! x

    11 Mar 04:35 Yanıtla
  • deneneogkun

    Oh, deffo Måns! And Magnus. But, Eric comes a close third, haha!

    10 Mar 10:18 Yanıtla
  • deneneogkun

    Hi there, adding you because we have about five friends in common on here. Hope you don't mind. PS: Awesome taste!

    9 Mar 13:10 Yanıtla
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You take me back in time, to 1979
We'll be with the Bee Gees baby everybody's Staying Alive

We got the disco love, so fun and colourful
It's never winter when its Donna Summer all year long

You take me back in time, to 1999
We hear the DJ playing Hit Me Baby One More Time.

The world is full of magic...

"Yesterday, I had the longest ever dream,
That the world was endless with possibilities.
It had me thinking, one should never forget
That there are wonders, we haven't seen yet.

Seize a chance, follow a dream.
Be yourself, don't plan and scheme.
For what we do, won't matter that much.
Puzzles and wonders, mysteries and such."
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I'm just an average British guy who likes my pop music! When I was 10 years old I was obsessed with Kim Wilde & Five Star (which continues to this day). I n recent years I have become more obsessed with Scandinavian Electropop (see my charts for details).

In the past 7 days I have listened mainly to....


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dannyboy77's top albums (quarter) 1. Susanne Sundfør - Ten Love Songs (134)
2. Steve Grand - All-American Boy (127)
3. Indiana - No Romeo (Deluxe Version) (107)
4. Rae Morris - Unguarded (99)
5. Eternal Death - Eternal Death (90)
6. Various Artists - Melodifestivalen 2015 (87)
7. Madonna - Rebel Heart (78)
8. Saint Etienne - London Conversations (73)
9. Bryan Rice - Hear Me as I Am (72)
10. Ida Redig - Thou Shall Not Be A Pussy (63)
11. Say Lou Lou - Lucid Dreaming (Deluxe Edition) (61)
12. Karin Park - Apocalypse Pop (60)
13. Purity Ring - another eternity (56)
14. Allie X - COLLXTION I (54)
15. Say Lou Lou - Lucid Dreaming (53)
16. Purity Ring - Shrines (52)
17. Marina and the Diamonds - Froot (52)
18. Wrathschild - Birds (52)
19. Shayne Ward - Closer (Deluxe Edition) (52)
20. Monarchy - Abnocto (48)
21. Kate Havnevik - &I (46)
22. Britney Spears - Britney: The Singles Collection (Deluxe Version) [Remastered] (40)
23. Röyksopp - The Inevitable End (40)
24. Five Star - The Remix Anthology (38)
25. Bananarama - Megarama: The Mixes (38)

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