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  • mark_roscoe

    5 working days and counting :) Might need a liver transplant by New Year! Worked out your top tracks and albums of 2014 yet?

    14 Ara 20:11 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe

    I love Toes. The song, obviously. Have you heard the new Chvrches track and the Little Boots EP? And I'm quite liking Thomston Argonaut EP for something different. Got your Christmas pressies sorted? ;)

    8 Ara 21:43 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe


    8 Ara 21:37 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe

    Listened to all 3 Lights albums. Listened again. Bought :) Loving Muscle Memory and Toes :) :)

    21 Kas 10:52 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe

    I find this hard to believe, but I've never come across Lights before! On repeat on Spotify :)

    19 Kas 13:40 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe

    PS. In other news American Horror Story has got me listening to Lana Del Rey!!

    17 Kas 20:38 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe

    A Spotify recommendation would you believe? I've had quite a few good recommendations that way recently. I found the Steve Grand email in my spam as you suggested BTW. I never really got Electric Lady Lab but will check out that track :)

    17 Kas 20:36 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe

    I don't think Margaret Berger will ever get around to releasing her album!! Have you had an email from Steve Grand/Kickstarter to get the two new tracks? I'm sure his video diary stated all backers would get them free a day before release but I've had nothing so far...

    4 Kas 08:58 Yanıtla
  • CitizenOfPanem

    Omg. I'm a massive Maze Runner fan!!! I read the books over a year ago and have been so excited for the movie, but it kept getting pushed back. I saw it the night it came out here, and then I made my best friends go with me yesterday haha. They loved it. What did you think? I can't wait for the next one! I'm a sucker for all of these movies haha. Miss you Danny. I will pm soon, just not sure quite when. My PC is in for repair (ugh) so my last fm has mainly been Spotify. When I get it back I need to fake scrobble all of my Ella / Nicole / Taylor plays onto my profile. I can't Spotify them cos the tags are wrong lol. Damn OCD. Haha.

    2 Kas 19:01 Yanıtla
  • CitizenOfPanem

    Hello honey. I'm sorry I'm a bit distant lately. I'm struggling to find time to keep up with everyone atm, which I suppose is understandable under the circumstances. I didn't reply cos I was hoping to send you a pm, but I haven't had a chance to write it yet. Will be nice to catch up. :D. My Halloween was ok thank you. Didn't really do anything for it tbh lol. How about you? My fave Ella track is All Again, but I love everything. It's easily my fave album of the year. I will tell you more when I message you. Hope all is well. X

    2 Kas 13:14 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe

    What you you think of 1989? It's the first album of Taylor Swift's that I've bothered to listen to and was surprised. It's not amazing but a perfectly acceptable pop album :)

    2 Kas 10:09 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe

    Good morning! I'm very well thanks, you? :) If I manage to recommend something to you that you haven't already heard or bought I'll be shocked! I'm quite liking Ghost Beach - Blonde at the moment. Another couple of recent album releases: Anastacia - Resurrection and Jessie Ware - Tough Love. I've also stumbled across a band you might like Magic Man. They don't have any UK release albums to buy or listen to, just a couple of tracks on Spotify, but the album previews from US digital stores I've listened to sound good.

    2 Kas 10:07 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe

    Aha! I wondered what happened to that track. Scandipop mentioned it back in August but I'm sure Inferno was supposed to be another collaboration with Guéna LG. I looked around for a few weeks after but never found it. Good spot! :)

    11 Eki 09:52 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe

    So Tove Lo's album is basically brilliant! And really liking Electric Youth as well; a bit of CHVRCHES thrown in to the mix as well as Sound Of Arrows and Ask Embla :)

    9 Eki 14:24 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe

    Got Tove's album. PayPal purchase from the US 7digital website :) :)

    3 Eki 21:13 Yanıtla
  • CitizenOfPanem

    Hey hey! Not great tbh, but nevermind. How are you? I'm glad you like the album. I can't wait to hear it! :D

    2 Eki 17:19 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe

    Good news on the new job. More money and less stress I hope! I'm well thanks, although struggling to get back in to work mode following my hols :) Where did you get the Tove Lo album from? 7digital have blocked access to purchase albums from countries other than the UK so I haven't been able to buy/listen yet :( Off to New York in 5 weeks so I'll grab a copy then if not before :) :)

    1 Eki 08:54 Yanıtla
  • CitizenOfPanem

    LOL! No, I just love winding you up. I thought as it was Shakespear's Sister I'd call them Scissor Sisters and see if you noticed. I'm a cheeky sod. Yeah, always does go too quick. I will try and pm you in the week. Things are going good. :-)

    14 Eyl 21:54 Yanıtla
  • CitizenOfPanem

    Ohh, the Scissor Sisters cover. I never liked that song, I have to say. But Delta can make anything sound good. Love Thy Will Be Done is out tomorrow. Shame the bside isn't. :-(. How are you, mister? Good weekend?

    14 Eyl 18:01 Yanıtla
  • jyxz

    i've not got it. yet…… Its on Spotify though

    14 Eyl 15:39 Yanıtla
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You take me back in time, to 1979
We'll be with the Bee Gees baby everybody's Staying Alive

We got the disco love, so fun and colourful
It's never winter when its Donna Summer all year long

You take me back in time, to 1999
We hear the DJ playing Hit Me Baby One More Time.

The world is full of magic...

"Yesterday, I had the longest ever dream,
That the world was endless with possibilities.
It had me thinking, one should never forget
That there are wonders, we haven't seen yet.

Seize a chance, follow a dream.
Be yourself, don't plan and scheme.
For what we do, won't matter that much.
Puzzles and wonders, mysteries and such."
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I'm just an average British guy who likes my pop music! When I was 10 years old I was obsessed with Kim Wilde & Five Star (which continues to this day). I n recent years I have become more obsessed with Scandinavian Electropop (see my charts for details).

In the past 7 days I have listened mainly to....


(22/02/09 - Present)
(31/07/07 - 30/09/07)

Previous Queens/Kings...
(30/09/07-22/02/09 = 17 months!)
DANNII MINOGUE (11/06/06 - 31/07/07 = 13 months!)
dannyboy77's top albums (quarter) 1. Electric Youth - Innerworld (Deluxe Edition) (153)
2. Ella Henderson - Chapter One (Deluxe Version) (128)
3. Tove Lo - Queen of the Clouds (Deluxe) (126)
4. Foxes - Glorious (Deluxe Version) (124)
5. Electric Youth - Innerworld (96)
6. Betty Who - Take Me When You Go (92)
7. Yelle - Complètement Fou (75)
8. Lights - Little Machines (Deluxe Version) (71)
9. Madonna - Celebration (68)
10. Ashley Roberts - Butterfly Effect (63)
11. Banks - Goddess (Deluxe Version) (61)
12. The Sound of Arrows - Voyage (55)
13. Lights - Little Machines (50)
14. Tove Lo - Tove Lo (43)
15. Donkeyboy - Silver Moon (41)
16. Stefy - The Orange Album (40)
17. iamamiwhoami - Blue (40)
18. Say Lou Lou - Album Sampler (40)
19. - No Mythologies to Follow (Deluxe) (38)
20. Savage Garden - Savage Garden (37)
21. Taylor Swift - 1989 (37)
22. Matinee Club - Modern Industry (36)
23. Maria Mena - Viktoria (33)
24. Saint Etienne - London Conversations (32)
25. Taylor Swift - 1989 (Deluxe) (32)

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