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  • mark_roscoe

    I never really got in to the last La Roux album to be honest. I probably should check it out again though as I'm sure it's probably an album that I need to be in the right mood for. And as always, an album you like is bound to make it in to my top lists :) Hope your week gets better.

    21 Tem 20:49 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe

    Hey you. What you been up to? I really really like the BLBL album. Much prefer it to the last album but that could be because it's new :) More new music on the cards...Molly Sanden as well as Parralox next week. No release date for Amelia Lily yet. Been catching up on old CDs this week, Vanessa Paradis and Velvet to name a couple. So good. Have a good week.

    21 Tem 20:12 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe

    Knock knock ;)

    21 Tem 19:54 Yanıtla
  • phoenix_1971

    Hey Danny! How's it going? I haven't checked out Thomas Azier yet but I think I'll have to. I am seriously uninspired when it comes to music at the moment. By the way, I sent you a message with a link to something.

    10 Tem 21:54 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe

    Wishful thinking is paying off. New music from Amelia Lily and Parralox :) What do you think of BLBL?

    10 Tem 12:31 Yanıtla
  • CitizenOfPanem

    You ok my friend? :D. Did you get my text the other day? :p

    8 Tem 20:26 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe

    BLBL is a bit mixed after a couple of listens, some very much average album tracks, others great dance floor pop! Best track is I Believe. Wishing I'd gone to see him at Cargo this evening.

    1 Tem 20:18 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe

    Got BLBLs CD in the post today :) I asked for new music and got 2 albums within 48 hours :) :)

    1 Tem 12:58 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe

    Whoop! And for once iTunes have an album on sale cheaper than Google, Amazon, 7digital etc :)

    1 Tem 09:02 Yanıtla
  • BarbaraTrac

    Hi Danny, Yes - her album came out of the blue and there is a video apparently. She is doing 'a Beyonce'. On first listen I am rather liking"Surrender"and Ït isn't enough". I didn't realise that Indiana was a Brit and I will have to check out Ella Henderson as I haven't heard of her :)

    1 Tem 01:31 Yanıtla
  • CitizenOfPanem

    Hello buddy. Thank you - and to you too!! I wanted to use today to message you and have a proper catchup, but I have a bad headache atm, so maybe a bit later. I hope you are well. Miss you. X

    28 Haz 13:46 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe

    Afternoon :) I listened to the St Lucia tracks available in the UK a while back. Will have to listen again. I'm surprised their album hasn't been released here yet. Desperately in need of new music. Everything is sounding so dull of late!! And I thought 2013 was a poor year...

    28 Haz 11:13 Yanıtla
  • david_a_75

    <3 U

    26 Haz 09:29 Yanıtla
  • CitizenOfPanem

    Have a great weekend, Danny!! <3. Congrats on your 8 year last.fm anniversary!! I wonder how long I've been around, taking into account my old username? I love how you always discover totally random artists. I shall try and spotify your Thomas guy. :D. Do you remember Alsou from Russian Eurovision, 2002 I think it was? She sung Solo and Before You Love Me? Well, I loved her debut English album (it's very pop), and I was so excited to see it on iTunes! So I've been loving her lately. :D. You heard Crystallise yet? I love it! :D

    14 Haz 09:27 Yanıtla
  • dannyboy77

    So today is exactly 8 years since I joined Last.fm I do enjoy this site but it has been very buggy lately. I hope it is still around in another 8 years.

    11 Haz 20:13 Yanıtla
  • CocoMelody

    Hey Dee. Is that the new version of the Le Kid album you have?? I've just ordered it, can't wait to hear the new track(s) xx

    11 Haz 18:32 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe

    PS. Quite liking Kyla La Grange's album at the moment

    5 Haz 20:49 Yanıtla
  • mark_roscoe

    Hi Danny. I'm good, looking forward to the weekend :) I'd read about the KickStarter Studio Killers project on Twitter but not pledged so far. Only just bought Grande Finale! What do you make of V? I missed your Shout to me with the YouTube album sampler. Listened on Spotify this morning, OK but as you say not as good as Rush. Not impressed with Anton Awald's new EP. Track 4 is good though. Keeping my fingers crossed that BLBL won't disappoint next month ;)

    5 Haz 20:41 Yanıtla
  • CitizenOfPanem

    Aww, I still feel bad. I dunno what happened, whether I forgot, or my message didn't send or what. :-(. Anyway I hope you are having a good weekend? I haven't heard of Thomas Azier. Where did you discover him? I see you've been rocking a bit of Helena Paparizou lately. I love her!! Survivor is a great song. :D. My fave album of 2014 is probably Within Temptation - Hydra, with special mentions for Anastacia and Kylie. There's probably more, but my mind has gone blank lol. What do you think of Crystallize? Miss you, bud. Xx

    31 May 20:51 Yanıtla
  • WarriorWithin84

    Hey Danny, thanks for the info with Kylie. So I just hope there is a chance to get the song outside the UK, too. Oh, and I see you really fix some fellows with The Colourist, Youngblood Hawke and some others. Good job :D So this is was lastFM is all about. Have a good day my dear friend and a nice (free?) weekend.

    30 May 07:43 Yanıtla
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I'm on a dead mission for the outer space
I'm leaving Mother Earth without a trace
I don't know where I lost my faith
Help me escape the Human Race..

The world is full of magic...

"Yesterday, I had the longest ever dream,
That the world was endless with possibilities.
It had me thinking, one should never forget
That there are wonders, we haven't seen yet.

Seize a chance, follow a dream.
Be yourself, don't plan and scheme.
For what we do, won't matter that much.
Puzzles and wonders, mysteries and such."
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I'm just an average British guy who likes my pop music! When I was 10 years old I was obsessed with Kim Wilde & Five Star (which continues to this day). I n recent years I have become more obsessed with Scandinavian Electropop (see my charts for details).

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DANNII MINOGUE (11/06/06 - 31/07/07 = 13 months!)
dannyboy77's top albums (quarter) 1. Rebecca & Fiona - Beauty is Pain (130)
2. Foxes - Glorious (Deluxe Version) (106)
3. Lily Allen - Sheezus (98)
4. Blondie - Ghosts of Download (90)
5. Frankmusik - By Nicole (90)
6. Ronika - Selectadisc (89)
7. Lykke Li - I Never Learn (Deluxe Version) (85)
8. St. Lucia - When The Night (73)
9. Denise Pearson - Imprint (Deluxe Version) (69)10. Sia - 1000 Forms of Fear (68)
11. Saint Etienne - London Conversations (67)
12. Youngblood Hawke - Wake Up (63)
13. CHVRCHES - The Bones of What You Believe (Special Edition) (63)
14. Thomas Azier - Hylas (61)
15. Alida - To Where We Reside (56)
16. Bright Light Bright Light - Life Is Easy (54)
17. Dolly Parton - The Ultimate Collection (51)
18. Foxes - Glorious (Deluxe Edition) (51)
19. Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence (47)
20. Carly Rae Jepsen - Kiss (Deluxe Version) (46)
21. La Roux - Trouble in Paradise (44)
22. Queen of Hearts - Cocoon (43)
23. Sanna Nielsen - I'm In Love (Album) (40)
24. - No Mythologies to Follow (Deluxe) (39)
25. Sanna Nielsen - Undo - EP (39)

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